Coogs offer C/O '21 PF Jerrell Colbert from Sam Rayburn

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Coogs offer C/O '21 PF Jerrell Colbert from Sam Rayburn

Jerrell picked up offers from TCU and Cal recently.


6’9" freshman with handles, coordination and mobility??? That’s just unfair!

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I wonder if the young man likes Jordans …


Would be great to see how he plays against boys who are his height.


This is why I don’t think colleges should be allowed to offer scholarships to kids until their junior year in HS. What this really athletic 6’9" freshmen can do against kids a foot shorter than him can’t really tell you much about what he might be able to do against college competition.

(Randy Randel) #6

Ever heard of AAU ball?


Yes, but I stand by my assertion. I think offering college scholarships to kids who are younger than 16 just distracts them and is frankly silly.


The top 16 year old recruits are only 3 years away from the NBA. When you look at it that way 16 is not too young.

(Butch) #9

The kid played in Angleton but moved with his parents, who are both coaching at Sam Rayburn. He is a special talent, probably a future one and done. He will get many, many offers before he finished in high school…

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