Coogs ranked #1 in Dave Campbell's Texas Power Poll

As the Aggies like to say, #WRTS. I’m kinda disappointed we missed out on that UTSA game now.

Did they just refer to Baylor as FCS? UTSA beat Baylor and Southern and they said UTSA treated their FCS foes (plural) with fury. Ouch. Intentional?


Pretty sure “foes” refers to the fact that Southern is more than one person. Not that I’d disagree with that assessment of baylor.

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The quality of the teams from 8-12 is Woof!

Notice how more than 100 people clicked the link.

Also notice how this thread will only get a couple of comments.

Conclusion: It is waaay more fun to bitch and moan about being underrated. I mean, what is their to say. They are right. We are the best.


Man I wish the NCAA worked like the EPL


Or maybe I 100% agree and don’t need to say more.

Or maybe it’s too soon to tell…

yes because the epl has so much parity it’s great how so many have-nots have sustainably turned into haves and won championships over the last 30 years

it’s so unfair that college football is all about who gets the most money and a pro/rel system would definitely fix that


True. True. But look at what Leicester was able to do.

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Or you could look at the fact that a total of 4 teams have won 24 of the 26 Premier League championships. And the fact that our swoon in the 90s would have turned us into Leeds. But no, I’m sure we would have been the one exception to the rule.

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all of yall are making valid points. How about if we made a league where the worst teams from every league were relegated and left open spots for G5?

24 of 26? Well, that is two more championship games than a G5 team will ever see (or even be eligible for).

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There are a couple issues with this.

First, who agrees to this and why? Why does CBS or Fox agree to pay at a constant rate for a system where they could lose their most valuable products? Why do Texas and Alabama and Ohio State agree to risk their matchups with their traditional rivals, and give themselves a harder path to a championship? Why do TCU and Louisville and Utah agree to risk having all their hard work to get to the top levels of sport come undone? Without all of those guys being involved, this doesn’t happen.

Second, how does this affect non-football sports, especially individual sports? How does a school get promoted in, say, swimming? Or wrestling? How do non-football conferences come into this? Is there a totally different pro/rel pyramid for basketball?

Third, which G5 conference promotes to which P5? Pro/Rel works in soccer because each association has a clearly demarcated territory. The Bundesliga gets Germany, the Premier League get the English/Welsh pyramid…I think that’s pretty obvious. But those lines are less clear with the D-I conferences. The MWC and Pac-12 have pretty strong overlap, as do the B1G and MAC, but what about the others? The SEC and ACC share a lot of territory. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky all have schools in both conferences. Which one of the 3 G5 conferences with schools in Texas promotes to the Big 12? What happens with Notre Dame? What about when BYU gets promoted to a conference that schedules games on Sundays?

Frankly, if it hadn’t been the popular way of doing things in Europe a century ago, the idea of promotion and relegation would be absolutely ridiculous.

Look at what I started…


I believe we have a top 25 defense and that usually means you have a chance at being a top 25 team with a okay offense. We have the best up the middle combo with Oliver, Adams, Garrett, and Williams since I started following the team in 2000. I just hope we keep getting better each week and keep reaching for the ceiling because it may be pretty high.

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For a more competitive market? isnt that what makes epl so great? unlike the monopoly of the spanish league. I dont see how a say kansas maryland or minnesota would be considered traditional to them. then again i dont know much about traditional matchups. they agree for a fixed income that is greater than what they already receive.

It would only be for football which is the most broken system

The independents keep there schedules if they stay being productive, the territory is divided up by location if you get promoted but dont get relegated in a new conference you stay in. you get relegated but win g5 conference again you join another conference from which you were relegated.

i understand this i just felt it was an idea seeing as how the subject of epl came up. sorry if its all over the place. broken wrist makes it hard to type and tabbing the sentence changed my font


They are referring to the Southern Jaguars as the FCS foe they beat on Saturday

I don’t recall them mentioning Rape University? But oh, well.

I’m not sold yet. Something seems to be missing. Saturday will be a big test but I HATE 11am!!!

Honestly, as an MLS fan, I’m probably just taking my frustrations out here because I’m sick of all the people that think pro/rel is a cure-all for everything.

The Premier League is what it is for a few reasons – first, it’s far and away the best league in the anglosphere, and the FA is the longest-lived association in the English-speaking world by far. The FA, formally speaking, invented the sport. There’s a lot of momentum there. The spanish-speaking world, on the other hand, has long-lived leagues in Mexico and Argentina. Brazil’s league is 103 years old. On the other hand, the second-oldest major English-speaking soccer league probably MLS, founded 1994. For upwards of a century, if you were a soccer fan that only spoke English, you followed the FA’s top flight, and that encompassed two of the largest economies in the world. That made them rich, which made them powerful. It had little or nothing to do with competitiveness.

Calling the Premier League “competitive” outside the top 6 or so teams is laughable.

College football is, in large part, about their traditions. Michigan and Ohio State are far more valuable together than they are separately, largely because The Game is going to draw the largest ratings of any regular-season game either of them will play. Rivalry games make this sport. Minnesota might not be valuable on their own, but Minnesota-Iowa and Minnesota-Wisconsin are both worth something. The Big Ten is betting that Rutgers and Maryland will both develop rivalries that grow to that level. I think they’re wrong, particularly about Rutgers, but that’s neither here nor there.

The obvious answer is just to schedule them as nonconference games when one of the teams gets relegated, but with schedules being set years ahead of time, that’s not really feasible.

Even ignoring the fact that income is distributed by conferences and we’d run into the problem of figuring out what portion of a conference’s money, this still runs into a lot of problems.

First, I think there’s a good argument that Baseball is more broken than Football because of the whole financial aid disparity present in that.

Second, pro/rel doesn’t fix this problem, it worsens it. If you’re a recruit, how do you commit to a school when you don’t even know what conference you’re going to be playing in? In a pro/rel system, how does a coach get a top recruit when there are questions about whether the team will even be able to stay in the league? If I’m Tom Herman or Lincoln Riley and I want a recruit that’s committed to Tech or Baylor, all I have to do is raise probably-valid questions about whether they can maintain their spot. That means talent gets more concentrated in the top few schools.

An expanded playoff is a way better solution if you want to fix the broken system.

Not really. Even a top-flight Notre Dame still probably loses games against a handful of their rivals.

So…how do you split the SEC/ACC divide? Whichever conference loses their schools in Florida and Georgia (because those two states are probably a package deal, since you’re not splitting up the UF/UGA rivalry) is going to be financially gutted.


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