Coogs schedule NJIT at Fertitta - Dec 29th, 2018

(Patrick) #1

The New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders out of the Atlantic Sun conference were 12-16 last year and ranked 269 in the RPI.

They do have an incoming freshman PG that was on this summer’s Mexican National Team - Diego Willis.

More than likely, this will be the last non-conference game prior to starting the conference slate.

(gpropes) #2

I genuinely don’t understand why we schedule schools like this. If we’re going to schedule an RPI killer home game, I certainly would prefer scheduling a school with some local and regional appeal.

There are a slew of Southland, Sun Belt and SWAC schools that would fit the bill.

(Tom) #3

Agree, I don’t get this one either. Then again, everyone will be paying attention to UH verses Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are they projected to win Atlantic Sun?

(Randy ) #5


(PMM) #6

Well, Duke and North Carolina backed out…and I think we already have Rice on the schedule…

(Alfred Matthews) #7

eh…much rather them than a random swac team

(Patrick) #8

Probably a financial decision. Coogs don’t want to pay a lot so they put out a call for any school that wants to play in Houston for cheap. NJIT answered the call, maybe to recruit here, maybe to play close to home for the Mexican team member, maybe to network here…whatever, reason, they ended up on the schedule.


There are at least 3 unknown games left. I suspect we’ll see some from those conferences.


no they arent


I totally get there are financial considerations. I’m just surprised NJIT getting on a plane for a recruiting trip to Houston is a less expensive payout than Jackson St or HBU.

(Patrick) #12

Could also be that NJIT was the only one that wanted to play on the road on that date. Some conference play will already have started, some schools take the holidays off, others have already filled their schedules.

(Russel ) #13

I’ve only heard of them because my dad graduated from there! Lol


I think they own the longest losing streak of all time

(Patrick) #15

True, they lost 51 games in a row between 2007-2009 as they were in the process of reclassifying into Div 1.