Coogs to Aloha/Hawai'i Bowl vs Fresno State

(zx504) #1

Dec 24th, 2017 - ESPN - 7:30pm Houston Time

1988 #18 Washington State beat then #14 Houston Cougars (24-22)
2003 Hawaii beat Houston (54-48)

Time to snap that streak.

Tickets in the Houston seating area of Aloha Stadium are on sale now via the Houston Athletics Ticket Office for $45 each and can be purchased here. Orders placed prior to Monday, Dec. 11, at 5 p.m. CT will be allocated via Cougar Pride giving level, then Cougar Pride Priority Points. After Monday, Dec. 11, at 5 p.m. CT orders will be filled and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on availability.

Houston fans who are unable to travel to Honolulu, can also support UH and the U.S. Armed Forces by purchasing a ticket to the game and a UH shirt for military personnel stationed in Hawai’i. Packages are only $50 and can be purchased here. For each donated ticket, each customer will receive one Cougar Pride Priority Point ($100 Value).

Hawaii bowl bound! - the coogs are headed to paradise

This is a bowl game that we truly deserve after a disaster of a season we had

(Ryon Adams) #3

See you at the tailgate!!!

(Monte P Gilliam) #4

Disaster?? We won 7 games, beat two top 20 caliber teams on the road, in Arizona and South Florida, and had a great end of season win over Navy. Its absurd calling our 7 win bowl team a disaster and an insult to our kids…Some of us were here when Dimel and Kim Helton were coaching…You dont have a clue what disaster really is… We do…We saw those 1-10, 2-9 and 0-11 teams.


While it’s true this year was disappointing, it was certainly no where near to being a disaster.

And, I understand that this year’s senior class could be the first one in UH history to win 3 bowl games.

[Of course, if the refs hadn’t “blown” the game ending call (in favor of the Notre Dame receiver who was clearly out of bounds when he caught the ball) at the 1979 Cotton Bowl game (aka Ice Bowl), this honor would already belong to former UH QB Danny Davis and his classmates - who beat Maryland in the '77 Cotton Bowl and Nebraska in the '80 Cotton Bowl.]


Somebody posted it a couple weeks ago, we have only had two teams in the last 27 years which had less than 4 losses. Cant call it a disaster.


maybe we have different meanings of disaster

Ugly wins over Arizona and Temple (The Arizona we played wasn’t the same Arizona that ended up being ranked)
Lucky win over USF (If Lark didn’t catch that ball, it was over)
Losses to Tulsa and Tulane
Our only good wins were over Rice, SMU, ECU, and Navy

Maybe it wasn’t a disaster season, but it definitely wasn’t a good one

Either way, this is a good bowl game considering

(Larry) #8

You just had to go and do it. It took 3 weeks for my feet to thaw out after the Ice Bowl. But, after almost 40 years I still have night mares of that call. (: (


Lol. If you have to look for negatives in three wins (one of which was against a very good and ranked team) to make your case, then your definition of “disaster” is different from pretty much everyone else’s.


Yes Larry, that Ice Bowl game was the most miserable weather that I’ve ever sat through to watch a UH FB game. And, kicking the ~4 inches of ice off of those seats in order to sit down in the Cotton Bowl stadium was both memorable and unforgettable. And the road conditions to drive from Houston to Dallas and back to Houston were very nearly impassible.


I am pretty sure we lost four games this year…

(G.W.) #12

Make sure to pit G5 v G5 and P5 v P5 so there is no dram, storylines or public interest outside of the rooting interests.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Year certainly wasn’t a “disaster” seeing as we beat a top 25 team on the road and look to have one of our better signing classes but please don’t refer to Arizona as a “top 20 caliber team.” haha


Never said we didn’t… Just that in 27 years we have only had 2 seasons where we didn’t

(Jimmy Morris) #15

If you are including bowl losses, we haven’t played our bowl game yet this year to make that comparison. 4 times in the last 12 seasons we have had less than 4 regular season losses and we do need to take into account we also played 1 less game this year Doesn’t make this a terrible season but it definitely means it wasn’t much better than average for our recent history.

(Chris) #16

You guys had Bowl Games but no Bowl Games for me a Heisman instead. Waiting for the Heisman announcement and the call made it all worth while.
Consider this. With our probation and all of the trash talking against us this was the biggest middle finger that we showed to the ncaa. I did not get the chance to see the Veer offense live and see Mr. Yeoman Coach. For all that witnessed the Run and Shoot this was an unforgettable time.

(Bryant Hargrave) #17

Disaster is too strong a term for those season. The appropriate word is mediocre. We had a few good wins, and a few absolute bull crap losses and everything else kind of going as expected. Not a season to take a lot of pride in, but not a disaster.

Mediocre team going to a mediocre bowl. That’s fine at least Hawaii is super nice.


Jeff Tedford is an experienced coach who knows what the hell is he doing and has won 5 bowl games.


This will be our 3rd trip to the Aloha bowl and we are currently 0-2. Not looking forward to being 0-3

(shharper01) #20

Did you want Orlando? Miles/Kiffin? With the benefit of hindsight, Kiffin would have been a great short term hire.