Cord Cutters

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I can’t find anything that tells me how many streams will be allowed per account. With Vue you get five while Roku only allows one. If they allow at least three I’d take a look. I’m pretty happy with Vue but the good thing about this streaming thing is how easy it is to switch. And the more providers the better. Competition keeps everyone on their toes.


I have heard conflicting reports on that. I have heard 2, I have heard 3, I have heard you can pay for more streams. Competition in this space is great. When Youtube and Hulu jump on board next year it will be even better.

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Clearly At&t HAS SEEN THE light.

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DirecTV Now is different from Dish’s Sling TV in that it is not a skinny bundle. Sling has a base of 30 networks where DirecTV will offer 100 channels at a starting price of $35 a month.

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So I have cut the chord,. I gave up DirecTv sent my 3 receivers back and now have two roku devices. A couple of observations. I have the Sony vue station service and Sling for the office. Sv has no scheduler for the roku which makes it impossible to surf. Also, the cloud DVr is not easy to use. I wanted to record the UH game but I saw no way to just record the game but only ESPN so what happened was it recorded over my game with all ESPN content. They really need to fix that but overall I am happy with it.


Want to cut the cord? Another option is now available. I have Sling TV and like it. I tried Sony Vue but didn’t like that the mobile version were restricted to your home wifi. Directv just launched their own service yesterday.

I signed up for the “Go Big” package of 100 channels for the intro price of $35 (normally $70). Figured I would lock in the grandfathered rate for a few months. If you prepay 3 months you get a free AppleTV so that you can hook up their service to your TV. Go sign up at an AT&T store so that they hand you the AppleTV otherwise its 2-3 weeks wait for shipping.

They are coming out with a Roku app version in 2017.Only downside for me is no beIN sports at this time so I cant watch my Spanish La Liga soccer.

So for now, I’ll run both SlingTV and Directvnow side by side and then ditch one or the other.
If you guys are interested, check it out. If you decide to try it out, do it now to lock in the $35 Go Big 100 channel package. You will be grandfathered into the $35 price instead of $70 for life.

You can stream it from Mac OS, iOS devices, Android, PC and stream to your Chromecast on your TV.


I should add that I was reading on Reddit, that users have tested multiple streams on DIFFERENT connections and it allows it to work. Multi-stream is not allowed on SlingTV. Sony Vue allows it as long as you are on your home wifi whereas SlingTV and DTVNow allow mobile app access anywhere.

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Cool stuff Joe. I have sling at work and vue at home. Sling is introducing a DVr this month. Vue programming guide and DVr leave a lot to be desired. It’s still saving me 1400 a year.


At this point, all 3 services (Sling, Vue, DirecTV Now) have some limitations in one form or another. DirecTV Now is perfect for watching on mobile or Live TV but it totally lacks when it comes to watching something after the fact. Sling lacks streams and in my experience the performance has been lacking. Vue has a ton of streams, but the UI and the “My Shows” DVR isn’t equal among networks and watching certain networks outside your registered physical address.

But the good thing is there are no contracts…yet. So you can jump around to see what works for you. I started with Sling, went to Vue, now on DirecTV Now. I probably would go back to Vue, but the free Fire Stick was hard to pass up.


only one can stream at a time though, right? Wouldn’t work with kids watching shows in other room?


Playstation Vue allows 5 streams simultaneously, DirecTV Now allows 2 streams, and Sling offers 1 and 3 streams depending on the package you pick.

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If you are currently deciding between content providers be sure you check PS Vue’s current lineup if you haven’t lately. They recently dropped (or were dropped by) Viacom and a number of networks disappeared from it’s lineup. Those included Nick, TV Land, Comedy Central and a bunch of the music-centric ones like CMT and MTV.

I never watched anything that was dropped (and some of the added ones have more value to me) but the change caused a big stink on the Sony forums and a lot of folks were unhappy. YMMV


thanks for that commish,
I saw the line up just now, i’m not really into the the MTV stuff. We are trying the Vue trial, i just need my ESPN and NFL network… the wife just watches netflix. I’m thinking this is the best option, since it has 5 streams.


I think that Vue probably is the best choice right now. I still think that Hulu’s service will end up being the best simply because the networks own Hulu and will work through local broadcasts alot easier. But we will see shortly.

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CBS Sports Network included in this for those not able to get it via streaming (raises hand) as well as March Madness broadcasts.


Here is a story on the Hulu live streaming. Depending on the channel lineup, they may have the best service on their hands. It is 2 streams, with the option to get more as an add-on.

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Here is an in depth look at the costs and performance of cord cutting.

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If you want an invite, you can go to:

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Kind of opposite of cord cutting, but:

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We just got a big LG tv. It has Amazon Prime. My wife and I have decided to cut off all of our movie channels. They are useless. Amazon is great and the picture quality is way above hbo’s or other movie channels.
This is an interesting article. I just hope that if Amazon create their own pay channel that they will keep their Prime option or Amazon channel. If they don’t someone will get into their niche.