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(Patrick) #82

No, they’ve been strategically moving that way the last couple of years with the purchase of a stake of the MLB network. Guessing they’re ready to push forward (finally) into full time streaming.

Question will be how much it costs to the consumer.

(Patrick) #83

CBS will finally offer a streaming channel for the CBS Sports Network.

(Patrick) #84

Sigh, so this isn’t WatchESPN being offered as it’s own package; this is basically going to be ESPN4…or 8

(itcoog) #85

This morning when I turned on my tv I was greeted with CBS is now available.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #86

What service are you using?

(Eric Prado) #87

Looks like PlayStation Vue

(itcoog) #88

That is correct. Btw I was unable to watch Texans as it was blacked out

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #89

And so it is…I have Vue, just didn’t recognize the screencap. I hadn’t looked until tonite but KHOU showed up on mine as well.

Are you outside antenna range of ch 13? I have one ready for plug into my TV for ‘emergencies’. LOL

Preseason games were a hodge podge of blackouts, and non-blackouts last year. Regular season was somewhat easier.

(Patrick) #90

Breakdown of all the streaming services from an LSU fan standpoint. Good info about what sports channels are on what services.

(itcoog) #91

Good Info. We are exploring the idea of starting a company that installs and services the streaming devices.

(Patrick) #92

Interesting, I had been thinking of a similar idea.

(Patrick) #93


I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I watched a demo this week, and it seems pretty self-explanatory. You can select anything that ESPN is showing via the app — both the “real” ESPN programming as well as any digital-only streams they’re offering, and you can swap out different configurations pretty easily.

(Patrick) #94

Seems to just be for UEFA matches and nothing else. Strange since Turner also has the MLB playoffs and the NBA. Wonder if they’d jump into college sports.

Turner To Launch OTT Sports Platform, Live Games On Bleacher Report

In all, Turner as the exclusive media partner in the U.S. for English-language coverage will present more than 340 UEFA matches per season across television and digital platforms, including live matches regularly televised on TBS, TNT and truTV. That includes four live telecasts each week throughout the Group Stage and Knockout Phase with 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. ET telecasts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The UEFA Champions League final, all semifinal matches, UEFA Europa League Final and UEFA Super Cup will be televised on TBS or TNT.

(Smoker of fine meats) #95

Looks like someone has been paying attention to the changing demographics of the major metro TV markets! I’m AOK with this.

Visca la Barca!!!

(Eric Prado) #96

(itcoog) #97

So a heavy cusa lean for Facebook. So maybe we get YouTube?

(itcoog) #98

Sony Vue subscribers

(Eric Prado) #99

Is that really necessary?

(itcoog) #100

Heck yes for College football.

(itcoog) #101

Why is fox sports picture so small? It’s the only channel that does this.