Cord Cutters

(Patrick) #122

You can use a VPN service to do that and it’s legal as VPN services are allowed.

Good article on VPN:


Directv’s subscribers will be leaving because their service has gone from unbelievably great to horrific since the merger. I just cut the cord and I’m not looking back.

(UHcougar2000) #124

Here’s video that I made to help people “cut the cord.” It shows a fast, simple way to use an antenna to pick up OTA (over-the-air) broadcasts… and I talk a little about the OTA DVR that I am using right now.

I’m on a one man mission to take down the cable companies :joy:

(Munzell Milluns) #125

I’m sorry but I didn’t read all the posts. I have xfinity wi-fi/internet only. I just wanted to use my roku and sling.

But they charge so much for going over data it doesn’t help me.

Can someone just tell me a service in Houston where I can get the internet and use the roku and not pay those maggots at xfinity?

(Patrick) #126

Check AT&T or VeriZon 5G

(Rafael) #127

What your limit? Most limits are pretty difficult to reach

(Rafael) #128

I have xfinity internet only as well. The thing that drives me crazy is how they only give you a good price for the first year. I am paying 52 right now after taxes, but will go up. Last year I had to change the plan from my name to my wife’s name so we could get the new customer discount. How stupid is that???

(Munzell Milluns) #129

I’ll have to check. Is centurylink worth a crap? Verizon isn’t out to spring.

(Mark Shapiro) #130

Breaking news! I’ve been waiting for this!

(Mark Shapiro) #131

Do any of you cord cutters subscribe to ESPN+? Can you watch what is currently being broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN NEWS, or ESPU in real time on ESPN+?

(itcoog) #132

YouTube tv subscribers automatically have a plus subscription

(Patrick) #133

No, only get the ESPN+ package. Channels are still off limits.

(Mark Shapiro) #134

Aw crap. That’s what I was afraid of. Hopefully ESPN will get added to their lineup soon.