Corey Davis named to AAC Honor Roll for 2nd consecutive week

(Patrick) #1

(VancouverCOOG) #2

Every successful team needs a C. Davis on their roster.

Glad to have him as a Coog!

(Dan) #3

And he’s a junior! Hopefully we get him for one more year. A great shooter but has so many other intangibles not just a stop and pop guy. CKS has done a great job with the rotation and team roles. At the beginning of the year it looked like Corey vs. Galen PG battle now they’ve learned how to play together and we are so much better for it.

(VancouverCOOG) #4

Well stated Dan.

Looking ahead to next year, he is going to be one of the key players and leaders on the team.

(Patrick) #5

We’re in great shape next year with two senior leaders in Galen and Corey. Should help ease the transition of Jarreau, Hinton, and Davis. We’re going to be extremely deep at guard/wing next year.

(Brad) #6

I’ve said this before. If we only lose graduating seniors, this team will be even better next year.


(Brad) #7

…not to mention the two Nawlins fellas coming from UMass…and others.


And Nate Hinton. He’s got to be the highest rated recruit since House and Chicken. Big PG that can get to the rim and shoot from outside. He should see playing time pretty much immediately.

(Randy Randel) #9

You guys are sellng Cedrick Alley way short


You’re probably right. I was hoping to see Cedric get some playing time this year. Really didn’t think we would red shirt him.

(Brad) #11

You think he starts most of the games next year?

(Patrick) #12

I see Alley as a combo 3-4 who could compete for good rotation minutes next year.

At 4 and 5, we’ve got White, Gresham, Brady, Harris, Sangoyomi, and Alley.

(PMM) #13

Remember that we have signed four incoming schollys with only 3 leaving.

Someone currently on the team may not be here next year.