Corrected: I had it wrong -->Tech over 46 minutes in T.O.P

(PortlandCoog) #1

Unreal. Simply Unreal.

(Munzell Milluns) #2



That’s what you get with a 3 man rush for most of the game.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #4

TT probably can’t believe it either. I bet it’s been decades since they’ve seen that TOP.


That’s what happens with so many missed tackles. Close the ipf until they learn how to tackle.


Dorito’s bend don’t break “defense” is trash. Sucks we don’t have a competent D-coordinator to match Briles’ offense

(Russel ) #7

Also you have to get off the field on 3rd on long…there were numerous opportunities to do that and we failed.

(Chris) #8

No its not. We knew beforehand what t-tech was going to do. We had an entire year to prepare for them. CMA wanted D’Onofrio & our past OC. What was his name? This is two bad hires that are strictly on him. We can’t stop t-tech? We are simply not good enough. When you consider that Ed Oliver was a non factor throughout the game we have an even bigger game. Was Ed sick or having a bad day? Only Ed knows. D’Onofrio had no answers. This is strictly on him and CMA. When you control the opposing defense you can start counting the minutes that you gain. This is plain and simple Football.

(Ben B) #9

TOP isn’t what matters, but the 100 plays that created it do. Our D just had to run 100 gassers essentially.

(Cary) #10

Correct. ToP is a result not a root cause.


This. We just weren’t that good today. Maybe next week?


Where’d you get 46 minutes from? Stats on say our TOP was 24 minutes and change.

(PortlandCoog) #13

DOH! I trusted the announcers, That’s what they said. There is no way we had it for 36 minutes tho… and at the moment I am too lazy to look up the box score.


No, TTU had it for just under 36, we had it for just over 24, which is better than Rice and I think AZ games.

(PortlandCoog) #15

Well… why should I let facts get in the way? :grinning: Thanks for the correction…

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