Cougar Digest snark and trolling not welcome here

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We are thrilled to have many users joining us and coming over from Cougar Digest.

However that board gained a reputation over the past year for pettiness, trolling and keyboard brawling.

We are asking that not be brought over here and we are experiencing a noticeable uptick of this kind of discourse starting here. This is meant to be a civil, thoughtful community that supports UH and UH athletics… NOT the comments section of most web sites. This is a private board and membership is at our sole discretion.

It’s not hard:

  • Don’t troll
  • Don’t attack student athletes
  • Don’t attack each other
  • Don’t discuss politics
  • Don’t use profanity
  • DO keep it civil.
  • DO feel free to disagree, vent and debate, just do it in a friendly way. How you say things matters.
  • DO treat it like you are talking to each other in person.
  • DO enjoy!

Thanks for keeping Coogfans awesome!

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