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Hey Coog Fans,
It’s JD. As another academic year comes to an end I want to thank each of you for your continued support and interest.

Also want to let you know I’ll be having my inaugural Cougar Draft at noon Tuesday, April 25. I solicited 25 UH fans on Twitter who will participate in an NFL-style draft. It’s basically a play off this week’s first round but exclusively all-time Cougars. Picks are made solely based on college career (stats, honors, etc.) and there is no limit to how many at a specific position. I was just interested who a panel of UH fans would pick from 1-25. I picked 25 to make it manageable and, of course, the entire draft is subjective but should make for some lively discussion.
If you would like to follow I’ll post picks as they are made on Twitter (@Joseph_Duarte) and at

Thanks again for your support. Hit me up any time with questions.



Good stuff JD. Thank you for visiting.

A few questionable picks so far. Elandon Roberts at #4 jumps out.

Hmmmm…fun little exercise, and it’s nice that JD is doing this to gain some exposure in the offseason.

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