Cougar Fans, Apparently You Were Right About Case Keenum All Along

(Patrick) #1

This one deserves its own thread:

Cougar Fans, Apparently You Were Right About Case Keenum All Along

And so loyal Cougars remained steadfast in their belief that if given the chance and the right supporting cast, Keenum could develop into a franchise quarterback. Bleacher Report‘s Texans blog made that argument in 2013, citing his college career. As recently as last October, Houston’s Paper City argued that the Texans had it better with Keenum than they did with Osweiler, despite the fact that Keenum was on the verge of being benched in Los Angeles. It appeared to be the sort of delusional, if familiar, clinging-to-the-past sentiment felt by college football fans following their beloved alma mater’s players in the NFL. But outside of the University of Houston’s orbit, we knew the truth: Case Keenum was a career backup at best.

…except, as it turns out, the Cougars fans may have been right all along.

(Cary) #2

You’re damn right we were.

(PortlandCoog) #3

Well duh Texas Monthly.

(D.C.) #4

We knew all along, what Vikings fans are discovering right now. Now, I’m just sitting back and enjoying every minute of Case proving naysayers wrong.

“It ain’t easy being a Houston Cougar, so get used to it.” Go Coogs!!

(James Duncan) #5

“Brandon Weeden, who did time with both the Cowboys and the Texans, entered the league as a 27-year-old first-round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns that year.”

And that is how you go 4-38 in your last three seasons. Although very glad Keenum didn’t end up on that franchise at any point.


I wonder when if the Minnesota press will every admit he’s actually good.


I don’t care whether the Vikings think he’s good or not.

I just want Case to get the big payday contract that he deserves - from any team.

Hopefully he gets one after this year.

(Cary) #8

My guess is he is looking at a 3-4 yr $15M contract.



Which requires recognition some football team.

(Mike Higdon) #11

Or as Case likes to say, proving those who believe in him right.


I don’t even think we were all saying Case would be a franchise QB, but we were saying he had never been given a chance with a decent team to show what he could do. I was never expecting him to be Tom Brady, but it was hard to judge his NFL abilities when he was on such bad teams or playing for coaches like Fisher, who wouldn’t know a modern NFL offense if it fell on him.


All he does is break records.


Hey awesome. I wrote that Bleacher Report piece he mentions!