Cougar Sports Showdown with Dane Roy

I (Dane Roy) take on Kaitlyn Wild from University of Houston Women’s Soccer in a few soccer skill games. First Episode of Cougar Sports Showdown.


Dane Roy will likely have himself an opportunity in television after football. Funny guy and natural in front of the camera. I love the video he did when he had teammates try vegamite.


I like it. He’s following in the footsteps of Seabass’s German Class at Robertson Stadium.


I believe that’s his goal. He’s currently in the Valenti School and I believe he’s looking to get a degree in broadcasting.

I liked that.

A local station should give him a weekly segment. Probably a violation if he gets paid but maybe they could call it an internship.

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Enjoying these. Keep it up Dane.

Even though he has lost, he is still quite an all-around athlete. Very impressive!

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His next showdown is vs a baseball player. Does Dane know which end of a bat to hold?!

He does; he’s a regular at the baseball stadium and I think Lester is his roommate.

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Design a couple of plays as a TE. I would like to see what he could do.

He plays baseball here or played in australia but he does play. Did you guys see the tennis one? He aced her lol that was unexpected but the soccer i mean i was expecting him to be good there also.

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He’s an Aussie, aren’t they all good swimmers? He should do well in that one since he’s so long he’ll take up half the pool just extending out, lol.

There’s some good aussie golfers, too. He really could cycle through the whole athletics dept.


I think that’s his plan.


Super impressive! It would be interesting to see if they have some fake punts planned out for him this year after seeing his versatility. Also hopefully he can win one of the sports challenges. He has gotten so close on all of these.

Puntah must be a fun guy to hang with.

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