Cougars Mailbag: Will win at Texas Tech mean spot in top 25?

(Patrick) #1

What’s the story on Raelon Singleton? – @RavishnRickCoog

Singleton, the transfer from Utah, has been bothered by a hamstring injury. He played a couple snaps against Arizona, but when the Cougars wanted to go with a faster pace he was pulled because he’s just not back yet from the injury. There’s a chance he sees action at Texas Tech.

(David) #2



#Don’tRushIt It’s so easy to reinjure the hammy. Besides, we seem to be doing fine without him. We do need him back but only when he’s healthy.


I would love nothing more than for on our first offensive snap, Stevenson and Lark streak down the sidelines on fly routes and either Bryson or Keith Corbin run a deep post to the middle. Make the safety pick either a fly route or post to help out on and King bomb it to whoever gets the step on their guy first. My money would be on Stevenson.