Cougars receive Herman's Buyout

At least we didn’t have to go to court to get it done.

Although, if we had gone to court, we could have pegged them for a boat load of attorneys’ fees as well.

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I hope their comptroller’s pen leaked ink all over his silk, monogrammed shirt when he finished signing the check. Bleep them all.


It also would have been fun to publicly shame them and get the former coach under oath to ask a few questions about his departure.


My dream was to hopefully get Herman under oath. That would have been sweet and probably played into UT’s decision. Never think UT does anything out of integrity. There is always an ulterior motive. Protecting Herman probably played into it.

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Don’t know where to put this…


The Chairperson ( I assume she is the Chairperson) was really kissing UT’s ash and trying to help them recover from Senator Whitmire’s questioning.

Thank you very, very much for posting this. This 100% illustrates how corrupted, deceiving uta is and can be. Furthermore the uta chancellor demonstrates how much of a scumbag he is. Ask any officer or service man/woman how they feel about someone that brag about his/her service or the oath taken to/for our Country? To put forward his service in order to DEFEND himself is despicable. This individual will stop at nothing. He knows he is lying to everyone and surely thinks that uta is above everybody else.
This entire charade should be made into a movie. The PUF and this is the making of a great script. I am sure McConaughey won’t want any part of it.
The hard truth about this is that uta is moving forward. This has to go higher than Texas.

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The worst kind, a longhorn ring knocker.

I can’t believe the rest of the state isn’t livid, with the good that money could have done for existing UT system schools.

Chairwoman must be a Longhorn grad. Whitmire is very impressive. Reminds me of Tilman.

UNT grad. She’s my rep and hasn’t responded back to me yet. @SenJaneNelson

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