Counter intuitive?

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Major Applewhite says that every position is open. Everyone is getting reps… He says that anointing starters can make them “comfortable” and not work as hard. Is it possible that our offensive production has been lackluster because of this? Hindsight being 20/20, maybe it would be better for our offense if starters were announced after coaches take a look at film and the starters get a majority of the reps in preparation for the next game?

Maybe it’s just coach-speak and he knows who the starters are but just doesn’t like to talk about it. Right now the bettors have us as a 14 point favorite and expect the score to be around 46 points total. That is projecting a final score of around 30 to 16. So far in all 3 games, the Cougars have scored less than projected and have allowed less than projected. If we have all the same starters against Temple, I’m thinking that trend continues.

(jimmyschofield) #2

The starters know who they are, based on practice reps each week. He’s just keeping it close to the vest because that’s what he’s learned from Saban and Herman I’m sure.


If the Temple I watched last week against USF if the real Temple, I can’t imagine they would score 16 points against our defense.

(Ben B) #4

Maybe they score them against our offense.
I think I have PTSD from last game’s turnovers. I won’t feel comfortable until I see some good offense from the cougars.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

I’m just glad it’s a road game. Can you imagine how bad it would look for UH if Allen came trotting out and some of the crowd booed?


We should never under any circumstance boo our players. They play for us.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Of course. We should also never get stinking drunk and yell obscenities at the team/coaches either. There is a big difference between “shouldn’t happen” and “won’t happen.”


I agree. For players not to know where they are on the depth chart is bad. People who are #1 on the chart and play so poorly in a game that their spot is not secure, should be told that, privately, I think. They should know exactly what the coach expects of them for them start the next game. They should know they are subject to being sat down if they can’t execute. Erasing the chart after each game and saying every position is up for grabs is bogus. I think it’s coach speak, like you say, and I am fine with CMA keeping the key starters secret from the public. But, as soon as he knows of a change in the depth chart, the team should know.

My 2 cents worth on the Temple game: Temple’s D forced USF to kick 5 field goals, twice 1st and goal inside the 10, so they still have some grit. I think their D got gassed in that game just like ours did. I wouldn’t put this into the beat-the-spread column yet until we see who starts at QB. If our D gives up 17 to Temple, we may be in for a really in for a long season I’m afraid, as their offense looked really bad vs USF. So I think, with KA at QB, something like 16 to 3. I think with one of our dual QBs, we score 30 or more, so 30-3.

P.S. Temple for sure has studied what KP did vs Tech in just 2 series. Yea, prevent defense and all that, but they also know KA didn’t pull the ball once and run it. If Temple is smart, and I’m sure they are, they are prepping their D like they did for GW Jr. If KA starts, their D just has one less dimension to worry about.


":shaggylivesJimmy Morris2h

I’m just glad it’s a road game. Can you imagine how bad it would look for UH if Allen came trotting out and some of the crowd booed?"

The crowd would be booing CMA, not Allen, but because you wouldn’t know, no boos should ever be given.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

“how bad it would look for UH” Explain to me how that came out to you as me being OK with booing?


I agree, but if I see somebody booing any of our players, they can expect to be educated on respect. It’s a bad habit to start. A person could be booing a player, and next thing they know, that same person could be on the floor of the bleachers after missing the parent/relative behind them.
Let’s keep it classy Coogs, this isn’t the UT-Austin Boo Birds or Fighting Texas ITT-Tech tortilla tossers. I figure we’re better than those guys…

(Mike Higdon) #12

I don’t believe in booing our players or the opposing players. I only rarely boo a bad call by the refs – like that targeting penalty which should not have even been roughing the passer.