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(Dustin K) #1

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(Dustin K) #2

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New bobblehead

(J V ) #3

A great vintage one was back in the 90s they sold a UH hard knock cafe, it was a take on the hard rock cafe logo.

(Mike Higdon) #4

Guy was and will always be the man credited with putting UH BB on the map, just as Elvin Hayes will always be the gold standard for UH players. I loved the years of PSJ and Guy Lewis’s tenure; but this is a new team in a new era and they deserve their own identity. To try to put the PSJ on this group is a disservice to both, IMHO. Kelvin Sampson also needs to be given his own standing and how far he takes us in the long term will determine his own legacy.

(Gerald) #5

I mau have to.pick this up.