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Who do you propose to mandate this regulation and what is the fine going to be for not being in shape?

You are making an assumption. I will ask how many patients really lost their lives in retirement homes in the NY state area? We will never know. To think that someone that had lost their life in a car accident was counted as a COVID-19 death because the victim had COVID-19 is fundamentally wrong. It is clearly in the hospital interest to list the victim as COVID-19 patients.

It just open a reason for hospitals to do so. KPRC might not think so but you clearly understand why they may do so.

The common point is that we do not have a clear picture of how many have lost their lives to COVID-19. John Hopkins has been wrong with their forecasting metrics multiple times.

Everyone under the age of (pick a number say 65). Parents should be taxed for their obese children. The amount? I don’t know something punitive enough to get people moving and losing weight.

We destroyed a generation of small businesses and we have 30 million people unemployed. We were doing things to bridge us to a vaccine only to find because of our obesity we have a bridge to nowhere.

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20% add on…hmmmm…just hmmmm.

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I brought it up last week. No one wants to speak about it. We have had an obesity problem for decades.
I do not hear fauci and the cdc talk about this. It will continue to be a major issue.

So why would something something so important that could greatly impact the efficacy of a vaccine not be discussed? It is almost as if we want people to die and the economy to be in shambles. Is the food industry and fast food companies really that powerful that we won’t tell people to lose weight and that obesity is not beautiful, it is unhealthy.

Honestly if parents have obese children maybe that should be classified under child abuse. We just destroyed a generation of small businesses for nothing. Instead of telling people to lose weight we told them to not move.

You sure stick to your company lines. I would suggest looking at the excess deaths numbers in the US this year. No body is saying the numbers are perfect, but we have tens of thousands of additional excess deaths even if you take out all the deaths listed as Covid. Logic can be used to determine if the number is more likely high or low.

If you think there is some grand conspiracy going on at hospitals, seems like it would be easy to uncover. You had plenty of nurses who were not happy not having supplies and under intense stress. Why wouldn’t thousands of them come out and exposed the lies? Please take any conspiracy stuff and make a new thread for it. Feel free to dive in deeper there. Thanks.


Tack it on as a tax on health insurance premiums for those who are outside healthy BMI thresholds. That’s where the cost of poor health choices is being socialized in the US anyway. It’ll never happen for a variety of reasons, but if it were to happen, make it happen there.

Also…put a “sin tax” on fast food, soft drinks, alcohol etc …all the stuff proven to contribute to obesity. Take the revenue from that and spend it on ways that encourage healthy behaviors. Maybe tax credits for businesses that promote healthy behaviors and habits.

In theory I’m fine with much of that, but it seems to pretty clearly be a diversion by a couple of the usual suspects. Socrates was fat. People have been overweight and less than athletic for millennia. We’re not going to change that though, sure, some incentives might make a difference at the margins. But aren’t cigarettes like $90 a pack now? That’s hyperbole but they sure ain’t 99 cents like when we’d buy Marlboros as kids. Maybe there would be a marginally smaller death rate if everyone ate fruits and vegetables, took their vitamins, and worked out three times a week. We and the rest of the world would still be beset with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc., and we’d sadly still lead the world in most Covid deaths.


Almost all foods can make you fat if you eat enough. This idea of taxing to promote conformity is downright unAmerican in my opinion.

BTW, have any of you guys seen the report on channel 13 that a Katy family of 4 made an appointment to be tested for COVID, but once there the wait was too long and they left without taking the tests. They got a report from the testing facility that thay had all tested positive. And you wonder why people are suspicious of the numbers.

And there is the biggest point. Promoting healthy lifestyles will have almost no impact in the short term. Plus exercise and healthier eating has increased since March thanks to the lock down. I am still amazed at how many people are outside exercising, never seen anything like it. Cooking at home instead of eating out went up dramatically (which is typically more healthy). We will still have over 250k dead this year.

I am all for more campaigns for people to exercise and eat healthy (a previous first lady tried) and even taxes on the worst foods/drinks, but we can’t even get people to social distance or wear masks and our response to the virus has been terrible. Not sure how dedicating time or resources to tell people to exercise would have helped at all.


Well, it’s probably one of two things: The office got some paperwork mixed up, or there’s a widespread conspiracy to make things look worse than they are. I can hear Occam’s razor being sharpened.


This mindset is why I said it would be tough to implement in the US even though obesity is a legitimate epidemic in the US that aside from health consequences, has a real cost consequences as well. (healthcare and health insurance costs)

We tax cigarettes and alcohol because of the societal risks they pose, and because the higher cost will encourage people enjoying these things in moderation as they should be.

There definitely is a time and a place to eat something terrible for the sake of the enjoyment…but a big part of the reason people consume trashy snacks and fast foods is because of cost and convenience. A tax could shift the economics a bit where 99 cent option isn’t going to kill you over time, and if the tax could fund a tax credit for a healthier choice, maybe the 99 cent option could be the grilled chicken sandwich.

When it comes to taxes, we could save billions by not subsidizing and promoting the dairy industry which is for the most part not healthy and not good for the long term health of the country.

If the vaccine is largely ineffective on obese people and 48% of our population is obese that will make things tough. That means after we have a vaccine, Covid is still going to burn through a dry wood pile of overweight people. The vaccine is not a lifetime vaccine so after it wears off, Covid will still be there because it has been smoldering in our overweight population. So there is still a good chance you will catch it.

So no matter how you slice it, you have a very good chance of catching it. So it behooves everyone to get in shape. The numbers are clear.

And why couldn’t the obese get a vaccine booster
after xx months after initial shot ? Science should be
able to determine critical BMI and optimal booster
requirement for those.

This is the science behind it:

New IHME projections out today. They have the US at 295k deaths by Dec. 1st. In Texas, over 27k deaths by that date. They have things mostly staying flat with slight decline through August/September then getting worse in October and November. I guess because of flu season picking up or maybe schools and sports?

Pretty much every model out there has us hitting 200k by Mid to late September.

A nationwide mask mandate would knock around 70K off that total. Im thinking that as soon as numbers start to falloff in states like Texas and Florida , less people will wear masks and go back to “normal”. Result will be that just as likely the total will be revised upward as downward


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