COVID19 impact on NBA Draft, Deeky and Nate

I’m wondering how the effect of the COVID19 on the NBA draft will impact whether on not Deeky and Nate return. There will be no time for tryouts or much else before the draft and the fact that it will come so close to the season, it will be difficult to actually make any kind of development preseason. I just wonder how this whole draft class will be impacted – the ones drafted and the ones trying as a free agent or going to the development league.

It will be very interesting come June 3rd. May be some games of chicken going on if players stay or don’t depending on what other players do. All signs are pointing to fewer underclassmen staying in the draft which makes the draft pool smaller and weaker.

Not reading too much into it but pretty interesting



I gotta go get a live chicken for Jobu. Gotta have both of those guys back. :slight_smile:


I think everyone comes back

Listening between the lines in Sampson’s zoom caravan presentation, one comes back and one goes.

Dejon leaves Nate stays. Heard it here first

Based on their comments and probability of getting drafted, Nate seems more likely to stay in than Deeky.

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What I read into it is this: He emphasized and emphatically said that he will only play 5 Guards, not 6, not 7…CKS statements. So that tells me that he doesn’t mind if one or both go imo, bec if not I could see both new guards getting RS. He also repeated few times that it’s not about who you lose…it’s are you getting better as a TEAM each coming year. These new Frosh coming in can hoop with the best freshman out there. Good times for COOG Basketball ahead. I think we all worry way more than CKS does on Roster bec he’s in control and likes what he sees for foreseeable future. #GoCoogs

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That’s more or less my thought as well.

Do I want them to stay? Absolutely. But we’ve got great talent coming in and we just need to start getting used to the fact that we are going to start losing great talent each year.

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yup…DJ comes back and Nate moves on is my guess.

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well, we needed something to worry about over the summer, right?


I saw this on bleacher. Was hurt to be honest. Was liking forward to June 3rd.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s something to worry about to the extent Armoni staying in the draft last year was. Armoni leaving was going to be a massive hole we couldn’t fill. Picking up Grimes was huge, but unexpected.

We’d obviously miss Deeky and really miss Nate, but we could end up being just as good without them (especially if it’s only one of them) depending on how ready Shead and Mark are and how much improvement Sasser, Grimes and Mills make. Also, how much Tyson may be able to contribute.

The big downside is that it could be affecting us going after transfers by not knowing if we’ll have a scholarship open.

:100: agree on all except the last paragraph.

Not that I disagree on that point.

My comment was 90% lighthearted since everyone was counting down to June 3rd. For a change, this program is in good shape and can survive this kind of loss (unlike the loss of Thomas and House when Sampson was hired) if it is to happen. I am hoping both come back because I want to see a team with that much talent.

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We were ALL on June 3rd watch :smile:.

We are in good hands no matter what happens. It feels great to say that.

I think Nate goes. Not sure what I think about dejon - he’s 22 didn’t play up to his expectations after injury and the risk of coming back to be a role player or injury is a big consideration.

Either way, our young guys get more PT and time to develop. It would be great to have more upperclassmen/program guys on the floor though.

We can lose both players and STILL win reg season and conf tourney with a top 20 finish (again). That is expected now, no matter who is coming, going or leaving.


dejon JUST turned 22


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