Creighton vs Memphis


Which team wins this game. Still not happy about the loss, but will be at game tomorrow. I know a couple of Memphis players had career game, but coach needs to get players like that out of rhythm.

May be time to limit the fouls and not put the other team into the bonus with 12 minutes to go in a half…

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Wtf?? You drunk? Lol

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Creighton with the big upset v #3 Villanova today.
There is NO game vs Memphis…just DePaul @Marquette, then BE Tourney.

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I think he is comparing the two teams because he is equating Creighton’s win over Villanova with Memphis’ win over us?

If so, Creighton is a better team than Memphis and Villanova is a better team than Houston.


Shaggy has it correct. Many times fans on ths board overreact to a win or loss. There still is no inside game if the outside shots are not falling. Hopefully White is the answer for next year.

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Title of the post should have been 1980 US Hockey vs Memphis.

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Memphis, a team that shoots 30 percent from 3 point range for the season, shot 55 percent. Likewise other shooting percentages.

They were home, had a hot night.

We were not terrible.

Life on the road in college basketball. There are no upsets by the Home team in college basketball.

End of story !