Cronin leaves Cinci for UCLA

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The comparison was brought up in a response to saying Cincinnati fans were “jaded” for nothing being satisfied with Cronin’s results.


I don’t understand why people love to hate on California. Yeah, its very expensive but its a beautiful place with great people.

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It ain’t the land.

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Well let me spell it out to you in Plainview Daniel…No one said anything about hating on California…Taxes are outrageous and they want to continue to tax tax tax. Also, take a little stroll around San Fran and let me know how beautiful parts of that city are now.


There are a lot of good Coogs in California. We live here for various reasons and usually shrug off any comparisons between Tejas and Cal. Both have their pros and cons.


You’re saying that calling a state a cesspool isn’t hating on the state?

Your definition of hating is wrong.

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Come on Mon…carefully examine Mr. Webster’s definition and the word cesspool has several different meanings…which one is Cesspoolornia???

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Alright folks, let’s keep this post online. We’re talking about the Cinci job opening. Hopefully whoever they hire keeps them relevant. A strong conference helps all its members.


Who are some good coaching candidates for them? A lot of the bigger names (Musselman, etc.) are already taken now.


Seems like what I’ve heard about the Bruins’ program mimicked comments about UH’s. Storied program that has been out of the limelight for decades.

If I were a Bruin fan, I’d sure be depressed that the first 3 choices for head coach didn’t work out and have to settle for someone that’s been to only one Sweet 16 in recent past.


UCLA still got an experienced, “name” coach with a lot of past success in a somewhat lower profile place. What’s not to like?

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Don’t hate on California

If you like the outdoors, it cannot be beat

Mountains, deserts, beaches. Repeat

If you can’t afford it, don’t come here

If you do come, bring me some queso


Oregon > California

No sales tax in Oregon.

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Water is too cold and sharky

Good beer though


I do not know why UCLA has not been more successful. They have the facilities, funding, recruiting grounds and tradition to be great. We will see.

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That’s what I say, Admiral.


UCLA is in a much better situation than UH has been though. They made the tournament 7 out of the last 10 years, including three Sweet Sixteen appearances in that time. They also made three straight final fours from 2006-2008.



The way they handled their search was completely incompetent, but I don’t think their results indicate that people don’t want the gig at all. Look at their targets before they got to Cronin.

  1. Tony Bennett - Just won a natty so I think he’s good where he’s at. Also super loyal (turned down Indiana while at Wazzu and almost turned down Virginia) and doesn’t like the spotlight. Total pipe dream.

  2. Calipari - Another sort of prayer and they offered him less money than he was already making.

  3. Dixon - He wanted to come but they wouldn’t pay his buyout.

  4. Barnes - Almost came but changed his mind at the last minute after getting a raise. Seemed like a weird move for a 64 year old who has his P5/high major program running now.