Cronin leaves Cinci for UCLA

(Jimmy Morris) #81

So like Texas but much much more expensive?

(Bryant Hargrave) #82

Texas doesn’t have real mountains. The ones we claim to have are foothills compared to the Western ranges. The beaches are all better too. The desert is well the desert.


California doesn’t have real gators.


There are much worse places to live than Cali. I have to live in Dallas! :joy::cry:


To me it is all about the climate—
Mediterranean (cool and dry) vs. SubTopics (warm and humid)
Everyone has their own preference.

(joel ) #88

Mountains, deserts and beaches…in the same weekend

Keep trying

(Marcus) #90

It’s still not fair that they get Mount Shasta. When we finalize our PAC 12 invite, we should negotiate for it to be included.


Thread just got real… condolences bro


California is just like granola. When you throw out all of the fruits and nuts, all that’s left is the flakes.


Be happy Taco think about having to live in Lubbock.


Never…once was enough for me. And I was detoured there because of snow…

(Randy ) #95

I moved to California at the end of 2017 after only visiting here once in my life. It has its issues but it is an absolutely beautiful state. We live in Bakersfield so we have to drive to see the beauty but I can be to some amazing places in a few hours. The people are awesome where we are too.

(joel ) #96

My kid is an amateur paleontologist.

We dug at Shark Tooth Hill last year in B’field. Headed back soon.

(Munzell Milluns) #98

Cronin don’t surf.



I never understood why Houston (a city without any rocks) would install that “look” on various medians. Now I do. Thanks.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #105

Deleted for posting political content.


Ok. It has now become political. After you guys decide you don’t want to live where you are. Don’t think about moving here (Colorado). We are filled up. No more room. Visit yes. Move here no.

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(joel ) #109

Earthquake is one word. BTW

And more successful people are moving to CA than leaving it

Taxes be damned, this place is hopping

If your tax burden is too much, my suggestion is to make more money.