CTH Postgame Conference

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Pretty emotional. Another concussion, Isaiah Johnson this time. That’s been the bug for this team this year.

Wish they’d have asked him if he regrets going for it on his own 40 with almost a full quarter left. That was the end of the game right there IMHO. Not going for it on the one upyard line just salted it away.

It’s bad when you have to be interviewed after a loss, and there is a bunch of celebrating going on next door. Couldn’t they find a better place to conduct that interview?

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That interview location was deserved.


I think you can all tell that the cheers were orchestrated. These were not done by a few but by many. This is one of the classless act that I have seen/heard in a long, long time. I have been in press room or interview rooms and these types of behavior NEVER happen.
Remember, what hurts the most is when your opponents shake your hands and tells you “good game” This type of behavior fuels the fire for our next encounter with SMU. Morris should have issued an immediate apology. The fact that he did not sums up the man that he is.


Classless. The entire game I was subjected to classless comments from SMU fans sitting around me. I hated SMU before this game, but it’s a whole other level now.


Yeah, that was next-level trolling by SMU.

It’s SMU; it isn’t like they were classy before now.


Some of you have apparently forgotten all the unprovoked shots CTH has taken at SMU since he got here. Uniforms taped to the floor to walk on, saying SMU is happy to win 6 games and go to the Poulan Weedeater Bowl, etc.

He got what was coming to him.


You still should not react like that. Morris could have easily said that “He was disappointed by CTH comments and that is how we responded today” Just think about it. That would have been even more damaging to CTH’s future.
That fact is they spanked us and we failed at all levels. I am expecting a reaction immediately or I will change my thinking entirely. This program was not built to free fall like it has without some serious questions marks.

Did anybody else rewind their DVR and see Catalonia stay inbounds all the way to the end zone?

Hey, Herman said he wanted a rivalry with SMU. Well, UH has one now.

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Please. We all love our locker room celebrations with the Texas flag waving and excessive noise. SMU wanted it more than we did. Jarvis Pruitt, a SR DL from SMU is a long time family friend. He texted earlier this week and said “we’re coming for blood.” He had 3 solo sacks.

SMU deserved that celebration. First big win since 198 friggin’ 3.


That was my initial impression. Surprised we didn’t challenge it. I guess we were too much in a hurry to run up the middle into a wall.

Probably not. I’m not just saying that because my feelings are hurt after the loss.

I worked for The Daily Cougar two football seasons – the first was when Case tore his ACL and the second was Case’s last year with the injury redshirt. When I traveled to cover the SMU game in Dallas (some might remember the multi-hour rain delay) the media availability for Sumlin, Edwards, Bryce Beall, etc. was in a stairwell outside the visiting locker room. I know that was six years ago, but clearly there hasn’t been much improvement if Herman had to do his presser that close to the home locker room.

Simply unacceptable, don’t tell me that SMU had every right to celebrate. This is bush league. No, it is the type of behavior that you might see in with Pop Warner parents…unfortunately.
There is no room for this kind of garbage. SMU deserved their win period. I will tell you that if this was the other way around I would equally as @#$@ed as I am.
SMU is not a JC, act like it.

No reason to be butt hurt. It is what it is. If we don’t like it we shouldn’t have gotten our asses kicked.


Pretty sure they’d be the first to tell you the 2011 TCU win was way bigger.

Did he tape the jerseys in the other locker room? No? Then chalk it up to a little spirit. And here’s another question while we’re talking about classless behavior: Did the smoo band trash the Coog band bus again?

There are three schools I despise above all others: Notre Dame, Texas and . . . well, you already know.

I was at the game and thought we shouldn’t have hurried the next snap as it seemed like a review was in order. Was he truly never out of bounds?

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