CTH re: new contract

Tweet from JD. Can be interpreted any number of ways, I guess?

Yup. He is going to get paid in December/January. He is playing his cards just right.

And he should. He is worth what someone is willing to pay him. No harm in using leverage to put millions in the piggy bank. Hopefully he is getting paid by UH and not UT or LSU.

"Reasonable then phenomenal"
What kind of a botched article is this?

Already espn is using headlines that make us vulnerable to lose CTH. Hunter should never use these terms either. He is sending the wrong message to our fan base. Everyone knows how valuable CTH is. Hunter and our leaders know that for a few Schools money is not even a concern. Why help invite speculation. This is PR 101.
We do not need these kind of statements AT THIS TIME. Mr. Fertitta’s comments were perfect. Hunter just minimized them. That annoys the heck out of me and this is not the first time that Hunter has done it. The only message that Hunter should say is that “We are working on an extension” period.

UH is already spending P5 money for Herman on a G5 budget. I have no issue with using “reasonable” for the amount as I am sure there are some in other parts of the university that do not agree with the current $3M salary.

This raise had better come with a phenomenal buyout number to protect UH and with no more easy outs for facilities requirements, season ticket levels, P5 admissions, etc. If UH is willing to go deep in their pockets to pay up, then Herman and team need to give up some of their caveats.

This is just pure speculation. If he is already getting paid 3m a year, how high would UH go ?! 5m a year ?! With a very HIGH buy-out

You are missing my point. I have all of the confidence that our leaders will do what is best for US. I have a problem with Hunter’s words.
We just got rear ended/used by the small12 this is not the time to use terms that are associated with McDonalds or Walmart. He got rolling in an itw. He needs to think twice about what he says.Just think or the real message that it sends. Just think how espn used “reasonable” in their headline. Perception, perception that is very crucial right now.
You are 100% right on the buy out clause. That’s what good negotiator do. Mr. Fertitta is without a doubt in the middle of it.

I couldn’t play Herman’s video at work. What’s the current buyout?

He showed us during the last negotiation that he’s more interested in facilities and resources than salary. If he signs a new deal here, I bet we’ll see a small pay increase with loads of non-salary considerations in the form of additional resources that contribute to recruiting advantages and team preparation. I’m sure CTH has a list of technology and other things he would like to have. Everyone is well aware of the disadvantage we have being in a G5 conference, but we can shoot for having P5 facilities and resources. With a P5 worthy coach, we can essentially become a P5 school in a G5 conference.


$2.5 million I believe strong text

The real negotiation here is the buy out clause. We need to protect our assets the best way possible. USC and a couple of others Schools will pay whatever we tell them. CTH and his agent have to agree to it. I only see two to three Schools able to do this.
I am praying that CTH stays but we can all agree that this is going to be an uphill battle.


So ours is $2.5M and Colorado State’s was $7M for McElwain?

I know people love the idea of a large buyout that protects the university should CTH go elsewhere.

But, UH does not have any leverage to negotiate for a larger buyout. CTH can get whatever he wants from UH (and he already has).

If Fertitta goes to CTH’s agent and says we want to double the buyout to $5M, and the agent says ok well I will take my client to Austin, then how do we counter???

If I’m off base than let me know. It looks to me like we are at the mercy of a coaches.

At what point do we say to coaches, “We need stability in this program. Amending the contract everytime a new job opens up is unacceptable at the University of Houston. We need a 4 year commitment (the kids you recruit need you here at least till their junior year!!) at a very fair rate with incentives and other clauses in the contract that will give you every opportunity to win games and recruit the best players. If we can’t get that commitment, and we have to go through this every year, than maybe being the head coach at UofH is not what YOU are looking for.”


I’m with you. The big jobs that are going to be available along with UH not allowed to join the Big 12; it’s going to be hard to keep him going forward once the season is over.

I don’t get this inferiority complex we seem to drop down to when others come for our coaches. According to some of our ALAS, ALACK, WOE IS ME fans we are destined to lose someone when another school comes knocking…
It may happen, it may not. Why accept his leaving as a foregone conclusion? We have said that he will not leave because of salary issues. It will be ancillary issues that take CTH, and only he and Mrs. CTH know what those issues are. Chill.


So has Tom signed the new contract yet? Hmmm…

Is it an exploding offer? His option value would seem to grow if we can win the next two games and/or UT loses. Of course, if we lose and UT wins…

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