Cullen Performance Hall gets a fresh Look

The space had previously been managed by an outside company, but UH recently took over running it. The seat cleaning is one of a long list of improvements completed during the $2.5 million renovation, which also included replacing some of the backstage wiring, installing a fire sprinkler system, and installing new stage curtains. The old ones had dry rot and were starting to disintegrate.

Have been to a copy of concerts there in the past year…still a great venue for accoustic-wise. Seating was a little rough…can’t wait to visit again and see what they have done.

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Same here. They need to take out a row or two of seats so there can be more space between rows. However, that might require a change to the floor as I think it is tiered in steps for the seating areas.

Also need to add some lighting along the aisles and an ATM machine inside the building.

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