Current QB Situation


This isn’t really giving my opinion on anything. I’m just stating what is known.

  1. D’Eriq King is the starter as of now and rightfully so
  2. Quinton Dormandy is gone
  3. Clayton Tune is… staying?
  4. Bryson Smith was presumed to be next up after D’Eriq King
  5. CDH’s son, Logan Holgorsen, has enrolled and is on the roster
  6. Rumors that Jalen Hurts could be transferring here. Most outlets suggesting we have the highest odds.
  7. Levi Williams retracts signed LOI… which could mean several things. He either left because of Logan Holgorsen, he feels there is too much competition at the position, or he knows Jalen Hurts is coming down to Houston.
  8. Julon Williams

I don’t really see Jalen Hurts coming down to TDECU. However, things have changed drastically with CDH. Entirely new goals as a program, new staff, new culture, new everything…We are completely rebuilding this thing we having going here. Signing Jalen Hurts would make a huge statement to our P5 bid. So who knows…

All I know is that we have a little situation on our hands


I don’t think it is really a situation until Jalen indicates he wants to come to Houston. Until then it is speculation.


Don’t see that just because Hurts would transfer here for 1 year that it makes for any kind of P5 statement. Ed Oliver coming to UH would have made more of a buzz in that regard IF it would have or did (we’re still in the AAC, yes?). Anytime I’ve seen Hurts pass the ball I cringe. Show me some video of his passing skills being even half that of King.

(David) #4

So Julon is officially a WR and won’t play QB?

(John m Bevil) #5

If you are a QB coming from the best program, having won a NC, your arrival would elevate any program, especially a G5.


I forgot about Julon!

(Mark Shapiro) #7

I thought I was the only one that wasn’t impressed with Hurts.

(Thomas) #8

I would be shocked to the bone if Hurts comes here unless there is something cooking with King transferring out. One thing for sure is that the Coog program just got a lot more national attention that it hasn’t had since Herman Munster left 2 years ago. Hulk Holgo recently stated that for the most part, grad transfers are not good for programs.


I’m not really impressed either. I have said on the Jalen Hurts thread regarding that. I never said he wasn’t a good quarterback but I don’t think he’s on the same level as King, Murray, or Tua. I think he has been supported by being around a really great offense and defense at Alabama. There is a reason why Tua replaced him and he hasn’t really played since.


I would be surprised too. To me it really wouldn’t make sense unless he planned on redshirting for a year, but I really don’t see that happening.

I think CDH was referencing how Major did his grad transfers. CDH has used grad transfers regularly at WVU but I think he was referencing how Major had a grad transfer QB that never ever played amongst other grad transfers (Owens) that never panned out.


Really? Our goal under both Herman and Applewhite was to win the conference. Holg has said the same thing.

I’m not sure about this. It will be interesting to see how Holg uses Smith. Does Holg hold to the idea that your super athlete has to be on the field in some capacity? I don’t know, but deep down inside I have believed that King and now Smith were put in a WR to add depth and athleticism to a position group that lacked one or the other.

With the WR group we have now, I don’t think Smith is needed so I personally would like him to be a bona fide QB and challenge for the #2 spot and get those reps. If Holg uses Smith at WR again this year, I think Tune will have a good shot at getting the starting job in 2020 just based on the fact that he had more reps. It will be interesting to watch things unfold.


I though Julon came here to be a WR because he knew that was his best shot at playing at the next level. I don’t think there’s any intent on anyone’s part for Julon to play QB here.

(Patrick) #13

Yes and no. Julon did come here to primarily be a WR, but he also came here as Applewhite was willing to try him at QB at times.

Doubt he ever plays there, but we may see a package or two with him back there.

(steve saxenian) #14

We have 2 qbs here already in King and Smith who are better than Hurts. I can see why he would come here


We have King and Smith going forward. Not sure about Tune, but we could look at CDH’s QB targets for his 2020 West Virginia recruiting class to get an idea of who he might go after while here.


All pro style with one dual threat. Hmmmm…


Air it out! lol

(zx504) #18

If you think Hurts would consider Houston, your rose (red & white) colored glasses need to be cleaned.


It doesn’t seem like many people (if any) on here think he would. That’s why it’s so shocking that the best odds are that he ends up here. It doesn’t make any sense.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #20

Clearly King is 1 and Tune is 2