CUSA TV Contract

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It’s not looking good:

Conference USA TV revenue to plummet to $2.8 million per year

Conference USA now appears fourth in the so called Group of 5 mid-major leagues when it comes to TV money. The American Athletic ($2 million per school), the Mountain West ($1.7 million) and Mid-American ($800,000) are all estimated to be well ahead of C-USA, which had the misfortune of being the first league to renegotiate its TV contracts during the current decline in cable sports revenue.

Report: Conference USA to get less than $3 million in TV revenue

If you needed proof of how much C-USA was struggling for television exposure in the future, look no further than the agreement it inked with BeIn Sports. The network, which attracts 10s of thousands of viewers, rather than hundreds of thousands or even millions, is one of four networks slated to televise football games for the conference in 2016.

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CUSA Football Schedule

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Wow. So glad we got out of that dumpster fire when we did.

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New TV deal an ‘enormous challenge’ for USM

In addition to the loss of television revenue, Conference USA also will no longer see money generated by exit fees paid to the league by former members such as Tulane, Memphis and Houston. Those exit fees totaled $6.15 million, were distributed among the remaining Conference USA members and combined with the television revenue equaled about $1.1 million per institution.

“It’s a short-term agreement,” he said, noting it expires after the 2017 athletic year. “I think it was a smart decision to achieve a short-term agreement given today’s conditions.”