Cushion on WRs


I’m pulling my hair out seeing the DBs give 5-10 yard cushions with so many short throws. We are getting D’Nofrioed

(Butch) #2

I agree, we are really soft of defense…and Tech has pretty well neutralized Big Ed…This one is on the defense and in particular, the DC…


we’d be up2 TDs if our guys could tackle.

(Drew) #4

Gotta bump them on the line so they can’t get into their routes quickly then bring a guy with speed to run down the QB.

(Christopher) #5

I still really don’t understand how utilizing this can make for an effective defense. What does press coverage even look like now? :joy:


Well, here’s hoping for something better in the 2nd half.


Gotta agree NW. giving them cushion to keep timing and lanes open for WR is absolute sucide


Looks like same defense. We are doomed


Now we can’t stop the run either. I think I’ll go now the lawn.


Listening to the game on the radio because I’m away from my TV and the announcers have some pretty interesting observations. They said we are sticking with our base defense even though it’s in the middle of the third-quarter and tech has scored touchdowns on six straight drives. They said we’re basically doing a bend but don’t break defense and we’re getting tortured by Texas Tech.


The announcers also said tech has made adjustments by putting in an extra defensive back and most of our receivers are double covered. That has allowed them to slow down our offense. So basically tech is made adjustments and we have not.


We’re finally running the ball. Tech’s D is playing inspired football. They’re playing like they really want to win.


Can’t cover sh*t, same defense. So sick of 3rd and long being an automatic 1st down. Donofrio is a joke, was noted as such when he was hired.