D allowed 468 yards passing, really? REALLY?!

(G.W.) #1

I am super-unimpressed with D’nofrio as a DC.
Coogs past DCs have made a living the last 10 years playing High Pressure D.
And it has been EXTREMELY effective.
Today we get up 21-0 and we line our Cornerbacks up 10 yards back and the safeties 15 yards back.
So their QB throws down the LOS or quick slants and it is 5 yards before our DBs even make contact. And it takes the DL out of the game because the QB doesn’t ever have to hold the ball. It’s just snap and throw.
After getting TORChED for 202 second quarter yards you think we might try to press their receivers with our DBs…but NOOOOOO. We just sit back and let them do “pitch and catch” for another 150+ yards in the 3rd quarter.

One drive they had 1st and 15 we times and converted them all. Until the pick-6 this game had the feeling of Memphis where we did NOTHING to make the QB go to a secondary receiver.

Bend, but don’t break works against 2-6 teams, but not 6-2 teams. D’nofrio better learn to coach D. We were far more talented and we let them light our D up.

Major props to the O and Kings…kid can seriously PLAY!


Our bend but not break defensive philosophy is definitely getting old.


Winning by 30 really is a tough problem.

(PMM) #4

Problem is…it BREAKS too often !!

Witness,Memphis in the second half.

Nuff said.

However, I feel sure that Applewhite is on top of it !..NOT !

(G.W.) #5

Yes, against a horrible mistake-prone ECU it might work.
But against a talented team it might give up, say, 42 second half points…oh wait, it already did.

ECU is not a TOP team and we had the ball only 23 minutes…and we ARE a TOP team.


We had a huge lead and some persnonnel issues. It’s frustrating to watch, but the gameplan did result in several turnovers, as well as a number that should have been turnovers.

In this game, there was really no reason to press the issue on defense. Those yards and time of possession don’t mean anything if your team gets blown out.


Agree. Very unimpressed with the defense today. Any time you allow 50+ completions and 400+ passing yards, it’s a bad day. It looked like they played prevent defense from the second quarter on. They will lose to Tulane playing this way.


So you were disappointed when we broke USF streak of 35 points a game for 16 games. We broke the nations longest winning streak of 12 games. Were you disappointed that we won on the road against the #16 team in the country in inclement weather? I don’t know about you, but I was impressed with D’Onofrio in the USF game. Injuries to the secondary contributed to today’s leaky pass defense, Also let me remind you we won the game handily.

(Gerald) #9

It is nice we won today but that is not going to work against good teams. We all remember Memphis and if ECU didn’t suck today could have been a repeat performance of that game.

(G.W.) #10

Yes, yes, yes, happy for the win.
Yes, happy we beat USF.
I feel more confident against run based teams than I do pass based teams.
GOOD passing teams will eat up these defenses. I’m suggesting that we can be far better with better scheming.
Fortunately, Tulane and Navy are run based offenses.

(Patrick) #11

We knew, coming into the season, that our secondary was going to be a huge weakness. Nothing has really changed on that front.

We’ve got to get some CBs in to the program. Hope we look at a few JUCO guys.


It has been this way for the past 3 years. Why would you expect this to change when we lost a 1st round corner, 4th round corner, and a 2nd round edge rusher?

It doesn’t matter what the coach calls. We don’t have the players this year.

If Coach Orlando was here and blitzed 7 guys on 3rd down ECU would throw for a TD vs throwing at the sticks for a 1st down.

In the Memphis and ECU game, if our db’s caught the ball we wouldn’t have a problem with it.

(G.W.) #13

I think it is the scheme putting them in a bad position.
We usually start off playing more aggressive. Then when we get a sizable lead we go into this soft zone and give up everything to the WR less than 10 yards.

We just hope their O makes mistakes.

Garrett, Winchester and Khalil Williams are all talented. Even Isaiah Williams (though he still can’t catch) has made good plays this year.

I’m just saying Bryant, Gibbs and Orlando, with less talent, played much more aggressive. I guess I should just be happy we win.


Note - It’s Isaiah Johnson (not Williams).


Orlando did not have less talent than we have right now. Gibbs either, for that matter. C’mon.

(PortlandCoog) #16

Seriously? Looks like the ship has been righted, we win by 4 scores, have a pick 6, and turn them over 3 times and the bitter complaining after a win returns?

Defense above criticism? Of course not, but come on fellas. Enjoy the win and stop focusing only on the negative.

(Eric Prado) #17

I guess people forgot we kept Tech below their point average. Some coog fans are full of crap and are just looking for reason to tear the team apart. This criticism isn’t necessary.

Enjoy the win.

(Eric Prado) #18

Hell if the score wasn’t 21-0 ECU wouldn’t have resorted to throwing and gaining so many yards.

The game plan was to stop the run and force them to throw. That’s what caused the turnovers.

They knew they couldn’t run the ball so what are they gonna do? And why are you so surprised when almost everyone knew coming into the season our secondary was our weakness?

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Most people complaining don’t understand the correlation between scoring quickly and allowing more points as well. Not only did the defense put themselves back on the field after a pick 6 but the offense put the defense back on the field 3 times after 1 play. Has anyone ever seen a team that led the FBS in scoring and were the lowest in points allowed at the same time? Overall yardage is one of the most useless stats in evaluating football. Especially in blowouts. The biggest irony is bring up past defense coordinators being better when they all got a bunch of complaints while here.


Plus, we won the turnover battle and scored a defensive TD.