D’Eriq King: College Football’s Underappreciated Star

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D’Eriq King’s potential is through the roof, and we get to watch him one final season as a Houston Cougar. There’s not another quarterback in the AAC that’s close to as good as him, and there aren’t many on his level in the country. A cannon for an arm, and the running ability of an elite running back, King’s arsenal is unlike any other quarterback in the country. Eclipsing his 2018 statistics should reflect that, and it’s time for college football to give him the love he deserves.

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Spot on!


Literally the only reason we may have a chance against OU


Let er rip D’Eriq!!


Yep. King on his game plus receivers that don’t drop and a defense that is anywhere north of abysmal, and I think it’s a close game.

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Here’s hoping that he and the rest of the offense adapt to CDH’s offense quickly.


some folks might call King a poor man’s Kyler Murray…or maybe a rich man’s kyler murray…heh heh…


I thought McKensie was going to be out for at least one full year.

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Hard to imagine he will be back this year or ever for that matter. That was a dreadful injury.

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He’s definitely out this year; may not return at all.


There is a chance with a lot of things going right for UH, King and Kyler Murray, that he could be a high draft pick for an NFL team. King and UH needs to have successful seasons. King needs to remain productive and healthy. King needs Kyler Murray to become highly successful in his rookie season for Arizona to demonstrate to NFL teams that a new generation of mobile, accurate, winning, and undersized QBs are worth the chance.


If Patrick Edwards can come back after his injury and DJ Hayden can come back after his injury, anything is possible.


Bingo. King could be a first rounder next year. Depending on Kyler.

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I have a feeling DK’s overall numbers will be down this year, but he will be much more efficient than last year, which will result in more wins.