D’eriq King Highlights/ 24/7-College football's 10 most versatile players


Ive seen alot of comments the last few weeks saying he doesnt have the arm strength or isnt a good enough passer to run the offense.
i think his film shows otherwise. i actually think for only having 4 games of college under his belt with no off-season at qb, his passing was amazing in that scope

remove height, i actually think he plays more like rg3 than he does greg ward. for a guy who played wr, i actually think his biggest thing to work on is knowing when to run. almost every run he had last season at qb was designed. he rarely every gets “creative”

i have complete faith he can run the offense next year. and cant wait to see what he does next season :crown: could be special


Probably some of the same naysayers who were commenting on this and other boards about another QB not good enough to be a starter in the NFL.

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Case has taught us to ignore the metrics and go by what we see on the field. I saw a lot, but I cannot compare him with the other QB’s in camp since they are unknowns. I’ll just assume the QB job is up for grabs and all will be given a fair shot, but it is King’s to lose.

So many want him to be another Greg Ward, but he will be D’eric King. Ward was a special player and it would be wonderful if King could be as electric as Ward, but as yet he hasn’t been when comparing both at the same point in their careers. Ward had an instinctive ability to know when to take off or throw. That is a rare commodity.

We have a new OC and, I assume, a new system. How each QB in camp will adapt to that system is still a mystery, so there are just too many unknowns right now. From what I gather, that puts more emphasis on passing ability and while running is an option, it is not a focal point for the QB as much as the read option.


Anyone who saw King play in high school should not doubt his abilities at this level. Dynamic athlete with a really good arm and very smart player. From what I saw this year, he needs to work on not staring down receivers and getting the ball out a little quicker, especially on slant routes. He also needs work on avoiding hard hits. Nothing a legit offseason getting starter reps won’t fix. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing what KB can do with him.


He showed instincts to run in High School. I think He was doing what He was coached to do and not run as often the same thing they tried to make Ward do.


I think he has a high ceiling in a better scheme, and it looks like he will have that chance now. Two things that really were not talked about a lot were his arm zip and how well he communicates in interviews - I was impressed by both. I think this kid can do great things here and I wish him the best.

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The arm-strength complaint on King was always strange as any high school video showed that his arm is strong.

Very nice video.

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3 words I thought I’d never type: Thank you Pesik.

Not a native Texan. Fell in love with Houston while at UH and have now spent nearly half my 62 years here. What I’ve learnt about East Texans is they don’t talk loud enough (at least not the men) and they are tough-as-sun dried-bottomland-clay in body and spirit!



He beat USF with a scramble.

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Great job on the video!

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I have a feeling he was coached to not run on plays that were not called for running…


I cant wait to see what he can do…net year we have a qb who can run a lasered 4.4. who throws a great ball, in an offense thats known for producing 70 in a half and a Dline that will be known as the best defensive player in the nation

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Thanks for the cool video Pesik…I was never a doubter since I saw him play at Manvel…he has always been a dynamic player…
My son taught at Manvel and says King is also a great kid and works hard at everything he does…
I too can’t wait to see how he reacts with a new OC and new scheme…I think if he can duck injuries, he will have a dynamic year. And Bryson Smith will be there to push him everyday…


Unsure here. I’d like to see the other QBs as well and compare.


applewhite says in today’s pressure that king will be the starter next season


Maybe he means it’s his job to lose. I’m OK with that.

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“To describe King’s versatility, all one needs to do is list where he ranked on the Cougars last season in a number of offensive categories: Passing yards (1st), passing touchdowns (1st), catches (3rd), receiving yards (3rd), receiving touchdowns (3rd), rushing yards (3rd), rushing touchdowns (1st). By the way, King missed Houston’s first three games with an injury. A high school quarterback at Houston-area power Manvel, King served in a hybrid, specialist role as a true freshman. Last year, he started three games at receiver before ultimately taking over as the team’s starting QB the final three weeks of the season. King is expected to remain a quarterback moving forward, which cuts down a bit on what he’s asked to do. But King remains a threat to score every time he touches the ball as evidenced by his 5.4-yard per carry average. By the way, King can sling it. He completed 70 percent of his passes last season doing his best Greg Ward impression.”

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I think Courtney Lark takin’ 'em deep will open it up for King. I expect great things for Lark and King this year.

What will out RBs look like? I also think our RB stable this year will surprise some.

Anybody have thoughts on our O’Line?


as far as RB- the core will be mulbah car, terence williams, kelan walker, and patrick carr

  • mulbah is our top returning back- had some huge games last year including 130yds vs top 25 usf
  • terence williams is a grad transfer from baylor, he was injured most of last year, but was a 1000yd rusher the year before that, was a former 4star
  • kelan is arguably our most touted recruit, he was a 4star on scout before it went defunct
  • patrick carr is the wildcard, he was a former 4star and dominated the spring game last year ago but was barely used last season

the general opinion on our o-line is that its subpar because our rushing stats last year werent good, and no game changing addition was added…me personally i dont agree with that. I think it was the herman/applewhite system that doesnt produce rushing yards, not the talent. texas was elite at rushing a season ago, 100% of the oline returned and they instant turned horrible at rushing when herman took over.
the way i see it: we return 8 of the 10 2-deep from last year, and a projected started never played from injury (eloph) . and we were one of the least sacked teams in the nation last year. and they will be put in a better rushing system next year