(Drew) #1

This guy is a clown. His defenses are a total joke. Who knows what they will look like one big it is gone and there’s no push up the middle. There were zero adjustments that I saw in the second half. Zero! There is absolutely no creativity, no movement to disguise the blitzes where to show I’ll pass rush. We tipped her hand the whole damn day and failed to make any adjustmets in the second-half allowing them to match up and down the field while wearing our guys out. BUT,it was Applewhites decision to hire him and he retained him despite a Makes me sick to my stomach that this is big Ed’s last year and we finally have an offense but now, no damn defense.


CMD must go.


Can’t disagree with any of that. I hate being right but Applewhite is not the guy. Hopefully Pez makes sure we retain Briles.

(Cary) #4

Can we merge this with coach no d

(Patrick) #5

They aren’t going to fire CMA unless the Coogs go in the tank and miss a bowl game or something. Too much money left on that contract.

They’ll give him a chance to fix the defense in the offseason.

(Cary) #6

Yeah. Last year, the offense was the biggest problem. This year, time to change the d coordinator. Passing teams are CMD’s kryptonite.


I hope that you are correct. But I’m not convinced, not at all.

(PMM) #8

You are assuming he can !!

I’m not so confident.

(Patrick) #9

I’m not assuming he can, just that they’ll give him a chance to do it.

(Cristian) #10

Yeah his clause makes us pay him if we fire CMA. CMA is a good coach but fire donotdefendfrio now. This is unacceptable and its EVERY DAN GAME

(CoogDentist) #11

The only way to make CMD defense look good is to have NFL talent at every position.

(CoogDentist) #12

I am no fan of Applewhite but he did make a change on offense and it was for the better. I feel that at least he can spot the problem and correct it. Maybe he felt to much change would be to much to overcome so he kept CMD. With that said he needs to do something about CMD at the end of the season and hopefully we keep CKB for one more year.


Now he needs to make a defense change.

(Ian Blake) #14

He had that at Miami and did nothing with it then. Would have loved to have heard the interview for this job.


He needs to get fired on Sunday!!!

(Ian Blake) #16

In the off-season. After the best defensive player of this generation is playing in the NFL. That is awesome.

(Cary) #17

Not going to happen. Nobody on the staff other than D’Onofrio has any coordinating experience.

…and don’t tell me anything would be better than what we are seeing. It could get worse.

(CoogDentist) #18

It sucks that our DC has no clue how to use a talent like Oliver but UH is bigger than one player. We will be fine if the right changes are made.

(Chris) #19

This reminds me when I had root canal. It turns out that the root canal was not done well enough. I had to have another one. I have a new dentist now.


Worse than 63 points? That might set a record.