Daily Cougar says UH to receive 36.7 mil for Coronas

Per the Daily Cougar we will get the 16st most of any university.



As a public university, we definitely deserve every penny!

Harvard can send their check back!


It should be used to avoid layoffs. The people who mop the floors and cut the grass. The adjuncts who do most of the work. The clerical people who make the university run.


Let’s build a new grand stand for the baseball stadium. Or better yet, an outdoor zoo like enclosure at Eusan park for Shasta; similar to what mike the tiger has at LSU. That would put that money to good use. Lol

Rebuild the Engineering Pavillion with a solar-powered outhouse.

That is a lot of money to buy a lot of this…


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Monorail through campus?

Now THAT would be cool!!!

Good to know our folks were on top of this.

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