Damyean Dotson - Knicks Year 2

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Starting a new thread for Dot

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Dot had a much more reserved Game 2 as he only took 3 shots in 23 minutes and scored 3 points, all from the free throw line. He did add 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block in the Knicks loss to the Jazz.

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Knicks lost by 17 to the Lakers last night. Pasted Dot’s scoreline below. I know +/- depends a lot on who you play with, but -37 isn’t good.

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The Knicks summer schedule going forward:

Thursday, July 12th vs. Boston at 12:30pm, on ESPN2

  • Lose and they play their final summer game Friday vs the MIA/NOP loser at 12:30pm
  • Win and they play Saturday vs the MIA/NOP winner at 2:30pm

If they win against Boston, the tourney becomes single elimination from there with the possibility of playing up to 4 more games.

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Dot had a better stat line in the Knicks 82-75 loss to the Celtics.

Knicks will play the Pelicans today at 3:30pm on NBATV. This will be their last game of the summer league.

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Damyean Dotson talks about having his first basketball camp and what it means to be from Houston with Edward McFarland Jr.

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Dot was 1st off the bench for the Knicks last night, and went off in OT. I think he’s going to get solid playing time this year as it looks like he’s getting more comfortable.