Damyean Dotson - Knicks Year 2

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Dot ended up with 8 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 9 minutes for the Knicks.

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Retweeted by Chicken Knowles…good night for Dot. Is it me or does it look like he changed his shot a little? It seems different than what I remember but my mind may be forgetting as well.

Damyean Dotson to Knicks
(Patrick) #25

Looks similar, but it looks like his release is a little slower. Maybe it was because he was open on the looks in the video so he took his time.

Dot’s going to play his way into more playing time there. Just needs the chance. The way he’s playing so far, he may get consideration for 6th man of the year. 14.7 PPG 6.7 RPG as the 1st option off the bench is really good…only been 3 games, but I think he can continue it.

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Dot is starting tonight for the Knicks against Golden State. He has earned this opportunity.

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Having a pretty good game to; Knicks are leading in the 3rd

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Never mind, Fizdale sits Dot and the rest of the starters for a long stretch in the 3rd and 4th and Golden State goes on one of their runs.

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Dotson and the Knicks on ESPN starting soon. Dotson in the starting 5 again.


Dot hits a 3 in the 4th to create a little space. He’s got 13 so far.

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Double figures in scoring in every game he’s played so far this year.

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Man, Dot would fit perfectly with the Rockets. Hope he’s on Morey’s radar because he’d fill that 3 and D role that they need after losing Ariza.


Well, he had the chance to draft him… still bothers me to this day

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Dot still impressing. Streak of double figures points continues with 11 against Washington and 18 vs Chicago last night.

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Following two more bright performances off the bench in which he logged over 30 minutes, Dotson forced his way into the starting lineup and has been a fixture ever since ( until today, damn it ). His steady play on both ends and ability to hold his own at the 3 despite conceding size mismatches every night have been a positive boost for the Knicks’ ( previous ) starting lineup, one which boasts a +8.1 net rating in 94 total minutes.