Damyean Dotson - Knicks Year 2

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Dotson’s body of work incorporates grit, effort, and a teachable disposition that is begging to be developed.

That type of work ethic significantly paid off for Danny Green. We watched Green become a household name after the insane streak of three-balls during the 2012–13 Finals run. What sparked that? Gregg Popovich entrusted Green as a starter for 80 games, a significant increase from the 38 starts the previous season.

Fiz ain’t Pop. We actually have no real record of Fiz developing a player, unless you want to count Mudiay this season. We have to be patient.

(Kyle) #62

Got to see him play last night… Found myself cheering for him and the Rockets, lol.

(Patrick) #63

Dotson had 22 points and 6 rebounds in a 113-99 loss to the Celtics.

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So Pray:

How do you think the recent Knicks trade will affect Dotson?

(Tom Green) #65

I sure wish he was on better team and even practicing against better competition. Even if he was riding the bench or bk n forth btw D-League on another team it would be more beneficial for him imo.
Just hard to give much credence in his scoring when Knicks are horrific and in garbage time so often.

(Patrick) #66

Knicks are tanking for Zion at this point so i expect lots of court time for Dotson. After this year, shrug.

Knicks didn’t seem to teally like him until three teams asked for him specifically in a trade. Suddenly they started playing him again.

Have to agree with, Tom, wish he was on a better team. He’d be a perfect fit on the Rockets.


Big game for Dot. 27 points 8/13 from 3pt line. Knicks finally end their 18 game home losing streak.

(Patrick) #68

Still, Dotson has given the Knicks the sort of shooting they aren’t getting from many other sources. Along with his defensive intensity and rebounding, Dotson’s versatility can be a valuable asset for the Knicks. He has the potential to develop into a reliable “3-and-D” player.

“I think he’s a very good shooter but he could potentially become a great shooter,” coach David Fizdale said after the Knicks’ practice on Saturday. “I think that has a lot of value. And to have a guy that plays that hard with that kind of motor, you could see what it does for other teams when you’ve got the guys like [JJ] Redick, [Kyle] Korver, people like that that can really fly without the ball and make shots, it adds a whole other dimension to your team.”

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What is crazy is he is getting better by the day. I feel Rob Gray is doing the same. Basketball, like football, may begin to put guys into the league regularly.

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There are a few nba players on this squad.

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Just imagine if he had Chris Paul and James Harden kicking it out to him. Dot would be the perfect 3 and D for the Rockets.

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I like this dude so much I might even buy a Knicks jersey…

(Tom Green) #80

Have to be under 30 to wear jersey!! :joy::joy::grin: