Damyean Dotson to Knicks

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Game 2 stats - Dot shot a bit better:

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The combination of Dotson’s blistering hot shooting in the Orlando Pro Summer League and the fickle nature of free agency have combined to enhance the 6-5 shooting guard’s chances of making the Knicks.

Since missing his first five three-pointers, Dotson has settled down and tore up the nets, draining his last 8-of-11 three’s. He was 5-of-10 from the field including 3-of-3 from behind the arc in the Knicks 99-87 loss to Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon.

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Orlando beat the Knicks 84-73. Dotson didn’t have a great offensive game, but did do a little bit of everything:

Last game is tomorrow against Miami at 7 am on NBAtv

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Dotston was drafted 44th overall last month by New York out of the University of Houston, and wowed scouts in Orlando with his play on both ends and NBA-ready body. He represented the brightest spot on a team that went 1-4 in Orlando, dropping 20 points in the finale Thursday with nine rebounds and four assists.

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Nice long analysis. They love Dot.

“Damyean Dotson, the 44th pick in the 2017 draft, was without a doubt the best player in a Knicks uniform throughout Summer League.”


I wonder if the Rockets got Hood Van Winkle, meaning that they were ready to draft Damyean Dotson with the 45th pick. DD will be a solid player in the NBA.

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Should have taken him at 43 then as it was known the Knicks were looking at him.

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Dot gets a mention:
"As The News reported, the Knicks had also begun negotiating with Damyean Dotson, a sharpshooting wing who was drafted 44th overall in June. If given more than a two-year deal, Dotson’s contract will have to fit into cap space — thus eating up the little Mills has saved, barring a trade."