Damyean Dotson to Knicks


Well, he had the chance to draft him… still bothers me to this day

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Dot still impressing. Streak of double figures points continues with 11 against Washington and 18 vs Chicago last night.

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Following two more bright performances off the bench in which he logged over 30 minutes, Dotson forced his way into the starting lineup and has been a fixture ever since ( until today, damn it ). His steady play on both ends and ability to hold his own at the 3 despite conceding size mismatches every night have been a positive boost for the Knicks’ ( previous ) starting lineup, one which boasts a +8.1 net rating in 94 total minutes.


Looks like Dot is steadily losing playing minutes. Didn’t log minutes in the Portland loss and has not entered in tonight’s Celtics game.

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Fizdale’s doing all kinds of experimenting with lineups there. Makes no sense as Dot was playing well.

Saw an article about a week ago when a reporter asked Fizdale why he pulled Dot and others out of the starting lineup when they were statistically the best lineup that New York had this year, and his response was that it didn’t “feel right” and they were getting off to slow starts.

Starting to see why he had trouble staying employed in Memphis and why the players got upset at him there.

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At least two teams have asked New York about the availability of the 24-year-old guard, according to a report from the New York Post, which cites unidentified league sources. Dotson’s contract for next season is non-guaranteed, which could impact the team’s decision to trade or hold onto him, the report says.

Dotson has tallied 10.1 points and 4.5 rebounds in 26.9 minutes per game this season. He has knocked down just 32.3 percent of his 3-point attempts.

But, Dotson — who was selected in the second round of the 2017 draft — may have fallen out of the Knicks rotation. He has not played in the team’s last four games.

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Dot was back in the rotation tonight and put up 17 points for the Knicks while also posting the best +/- on the team. Come on, Coach Fiz, play the man.


Alot of young competition in that NY backcourt. He can play against bigger guys which helps.


OR… Don’t play the man and Rockets trade for him :rocket:



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Dotson scores 16 points tonight. Knicks get blown out by 26 points, but Dotson is +5 in his 24 minutes…


7 guards played tonight. Ron Baker and Mudiay should be overseas. It doesn’t make much sense.

They should start Frank K. alongside Hardaway for defense in a lineup with mostly offensive minded guys. Have Dotson help out at both wing spots. Trier has shown better creativity so give him some minutes at the 1.

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Kills me that Fizdale was sitting him


Dotson Highlights

Dotson Highlights vs Bucks. 12.01.18

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Who is Fizdale and why does he have a job?

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David Fizdale, head coach of the Knicks. He was the head coach with Memphis last year until he ran into issues with his players, including a huge problem with Marc Gasol. Ownership let him go and the Knicks hired him. He’s had issues with some of his Knicks players this year due to his switching the rotations for seemingly no reason.

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So he got fired, immediately picked up, and now looks like an idiot again. Obviously he shouldn’t be employed.

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Knicks are rebuilding. Their best player will not play this season. Not a Knicks fan whatsoever but how can it be said that Fitzsdale needs to go already. I’m just glad to see Dotson making good progress it seems and if not as a Knick someone else will give him an opportunity.