Dana Appreciation Thread


I believe you’ll be impressed.

(PMM) #24

Tom was a tremendous self promoter. I got turned off by that when he would always state after a big win that “you are not suppose to be able to take 2 and 3 star players and beat P5 teams”. First heard that after the Louisville game. Second game of season, I think. In other words, it ain’t the players …it is ME !!

The wow moment I most remember was the comeback win over Memphis and of course, the Peach Bowl.

I was curious, but excited with the Herman hire and then with Orlando’s defense…but, IHMO, Herman’s self awe was a bit much.

Turned out I was right as we all saw in the second season…a couple of great wins (OU and Louisville) with a lot of crap performances in between…more self promotion.

He will fit in nicely at ut !!


A little addendum you can add is his him making chicken salad out of lesser parts. Douche bag.


Dana gets us good press again.


Thank you for sharing. I agree with the assessment for the most part. I would’ve put stylistic fit at five considering his offense style is pretty much all we have ran with in the past 20 years, at least the majority of that time.

A simple error that was stated was that we play Oklahoma State next year. No slight to Oklahoma State but Oklahoma is a lot better than Oklahoma State and that should be recognized.

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Hermosa was great for the Coogs in the time that he spent here. Being at the Peach and seeing us spanky gang FSU, and then coming back and watching us put the beat down on OK Corral was pretty pretty special. The icing was watching what we did to Louisville in the Cage on that Thursday night. Wow Wow Wow…But…I believe that Hulk Holgo will bring even bigger things to the party.


We are paying him $3.7M. He better be working hard.