Danuel House

The guy just screwed over the Rockets because he thinks he thinks he is a star…


Rockets want to sign him for 3yrs and he wants to be a free agent after the season is over.

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Not the first time he walked away from a Houston team. Wish Rox could find a way to replace him with Dotson.


Who’s House?


Why did he screw them over? he didn’t he’s trying to protect his future while he has leverage. Rockets only offering partial guarantee at NBA minimum for 3 yrs. He’s betting on himself that he can get better deal in Summer w guaranteed contract. His mins were about to decrease w EG coming back this week n Ennis back healthy. Plus Clark is there, may not have good as offensive gm but way better defensively. Two sides to negotiations!

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Some guy played at university of Texas A&M



Actually because they didn’t strike a deal he will be in G-League until April now.

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He can still get back to Rockets if they guarantee a standard contract for remainder of year,they wouldn’teven do that. Just no more time left on his two-way contract (45 days) to play at NBA level remainder of yr, unless they come to agreement. Sure Rockets have options they have been looking at n exploring. Not like they didn’t know this was coming.

Rockets could potentially recall Danuel House on 3/24 and convert him on last day of regular season (4/10) if they can’t reach agreement on long-term deal but want him for playoffs. If so, it’d pay him: (i) $544/day through 3/23, (ii) $4,737/day til 4/9 and (iii) $8,546 on 4/10.

— Albert Nahmad (@AlbertNahmad) January 16, 2019

That not screwing, that’s just a business decision. Negotiations fail all the time, part of life. Especially all walks of professional life, sports and the real world. We see the part we like seeing, but in the end it’s an individual looking at for himself,as he should.


He will be nothing when he’s not playing along side Harden getting triple teamed


Dotson is only a 6-5 SG, Danuel is a legit 6-7 SF. Different positions and style of play.

Him not resigning for the rest of the season did come as a surprise to the Rockets. Dmo 2.0 I guess. I’m glad he is sticking to his guns, specially for a guy who has worked hard to get to this point, I just hope it doesn’t backfired like DMO or Von Wafer.

I read somewhere that Morey doesn’t want to set a precedent of converting 2-way players without a longer term deal in place. As much as Morey likes to move assets around, he’s only going to strike deals that leave him a way to move that asset later. I don’t understand the cap rules well enough to guess at the reasoning behind not converting a guy for the remainder of one year, but I’m sure there’s a legit reason. Morey stuck to his guns and so did House. Now House, a guy who just weeks ago was waived by the Rockets and ended up back with the Rockets after no other NBA team claimed him, is stuck in the G League until late March at the earliest. I don’t think he did it to screw the Rockets, but I tend to agree with @DeerParkCoog that House may be over-estimating his worth because of how well he has done playing alongside Harden. But only time will tell.

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I think the rest of the league believes that.

Hmmm…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: So, he wanted to be “one-and-done” but he cared about the facilities being done his sophomore year. He also blames UH for playing too many non-Power 5 schools, yet they were in a non-Power 5 conference (I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and guess they told him that their non-conference schedule would be filled with power 5 teams…which there were only two: Texas A&M and TCU).

Anyway, this isn’t really meant to disparage House; it just reminded me of how bad a hire James Dickey was all the way around.


Sorry, this kid with an Texas A & M education can’t spell, do Aggies give out degrees to their former players??? BTW, go play for another NBA team, we hardly knew you at UH. Hope you are wide with your money…

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You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

A & M House of cards???!