Danuel House

(brian D GALLAGHER) #1

I see him back on the Houston Rockets Bench tonight…

(brian D GALLAGHER) #2


I watched him with the Coogs, I have watched him with the Aggies and I have watched him with the Rockets. Pretty good player. I like our current crop of players better though.


Yep that was when we went years and years with one or two stars on the roster… now everyone is a star. Sure makes a huge difference in games.


I would not have resigned him. He thought he was too good for the coogs and rockets…guess no one believed he was that good.


Funny when he transferred to A$M. He said I will attending ‘The University of Texas A&M’. That made some of them cringe:)

(Munzell Milluns) #7

The Rockets won’t win a title with this GM.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #8

Morey is one of the best in the business, so that is pretty silly. If you sadi D’Antoni, there may be an arguement. They would have likely won it all last season had Paul not gotten injured at the end of game 5. Would have been heavy favorites in so mnay other years where the other team did not have 3 of the best players in the NBA and depth around them.

As for House he coasted in college but for whatever reason he has played well with his short stint as a Rocket. Still there maybe a reason we are reluctant to give him a big contract.


If the Rockets weren’t hurting so bad at the 3 and having to use PJ Tucker so much at the 4, Morey would not have resigned House. But Shumpert is horrible and we need flexibility with Tucker. House has done so well with the Rockets because James Harden commands so much attention and he’s an incredible passer. House will continue to get good looks from 3 with Harden and Paul distributing. I will say that House is a better rebounder than I thought he’d be. But, I’m willing to bet House won’t be nearly as good on other teams, which is why I thought it was foolish of him to hold out in an effort to test the market in the offseason.


Nor the Texans with Bill OBrien…

(Grant) #11

Morey is a top 5 GM in the NBA. Print it.

(Munzell Milluns) #12

Top 5 GM means I make money for the franchise and hand out second place ribbons. He can do those but he’ll never hoist a banner.

And are you surprised Paul got hurt?


Print it.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #13

Well that is pretty silly statement but okay…

House has always been a head.case and I agree he will struggle elsewhere.
He plays an undersized 4 pretty well with his rehounding and defense and has become a real threat from outside.
Shumpert has been garbage and the sooner House takes his min at the 3 the better.

(Grant) #14

Haha. He absolutely may not win a title. But that again doesn’t mean he’s not one of the very best GM’s in the entire league. The Rockets have the second best record in the NBA trailing only the Spurs since he’s taken over as GM.

Forget Paul getting hurt, if they don’t shoot 0-27 from three in Game 7 they likely win the title last year.

How many of those shots did Morey take again?


So dumb .

good god


I blame the GS Warriors more than Moreyball. You can say, the Rockets have been the 2nd best team in the NBA for the last 3 years, thanks to Durangula. 5 All-Stars vs 1 All-Star = not such a fair matchup.


That team went 0-27 from three BECAUSE Chris Paul was hurt. The refs were not calling contact in the lane like the Rockets saw the entire season, and without Chris Paul, the Rockets had no mid-range shooters. It was shoot 3s or nothing and that night they were off. The refs + Chris Paul injury made the Rockets a one dimensional team, which is why I believe Harden worked so hard in the offseason and during this season on a mid-range jumper and that new tear drop floater in the lane. He knows we need more scoring options if CP3 goes down.

Morey tried to get another mid-range shooter when he went hard after Jimmy Butler. Since Morey offered 4 first rounders, it’s hard to blame him for not landing that fish.

(Grant) #18

I’m not arguing against Morey. I was using that in defense of him. I brought it up because it wasn’t that the Rockets couldn’t hit shots. It was that it took a statistical anomaly to bring them down.

Mid-range shooter or not, the Rockets had more than enough good looks to hit 3-4 of those 27 which would have drastically altered the outcome of the game.


Yeah, sorry. I was using your argument to expand on the argument against the anti-Morey folks. I agree with you. Should have made that more clear, or replied to the earlier post.

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Whoops. All good. Rockets talk gets me triggered apparently.