Danuel House

(Mike Higdon) #21

I’ll buy that. If they ever do, it will be because of the drafting and not the coaching.


Probably like 3%-5% of all GMs “hoist a banner” and the ones that due usually have a substantial amount of luck. Insert any GM name in “X” won’t win a championship and you will probably be right. Lazy take.


0-27 was largely due to being gassed. Once Paul went down they had like 6 guys who you could put on the floor in that series. The Rockets’ defense in that series was some of the best I’ve ever seen. Having to have that level of focus for seven games playing that many minutes will wear you out.

The Mbah a Moute injury before the playoffs was extremely costly for depth in that series because he was unplayable once he came back. No one ever seems to talk about it, but I think even with CP3 getting hurt the Rockets win if LMAM is at full strength. Being able to get 20-25 minutes a game for him and rest some other guys would have been huge. Of course the Dubs missed Iggy a lot too.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #24

His plays in the last minute tonight won the game for the Rockets tonight


But he is too good for the lowly Rockets…wish they would not have resigned him.