Davis to Participate in College HR Derby in Omaha

(John H) #1

Davis to Participate in College HR Derby in Omaha


(Patrick) #2

Sunday, 7:30 on ESPN2. Should be a good show.

(Patrick) #3

Bump…on ESPN2 tonight


He is only a Freshman! Wow


Joe putting on a show with 31 total HRs. He has to sweat Lamar’s guy, but I like his chances to get to and in the finals.


Joe to the finals!

That dude from Lamar mashes. How’d we miss him?


Owenby edges Joe by 1 HR in the finals. Congrats to him, he seems to have been the top guy all night.

Joe ended the night with 43 HRs, 3rd-most in the history of the event.

(Patrick) #9

Kronke, thanks for the recap; ended up missing it tonight due to something else that popped up. I’ll try to catch a replay on WatchESPN. Love me some Joe Davis.

Here’s some pictures from tonight that I saw out there:

And embedded videos (click on the tweets to see):


Joe was shocking the commentators with some of his straight away and oppo shots. It was fun to see him turn it loose.