DC needs to go!

Agree, I feel their techniques were not developed better in the off season, and if you recall how often they were beaten by long balls in the spring game.

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I stand corrected. Went back and watched the game again. Brown did make quite a few really nice plays.

He is not very quick reacting to the snap, but he did make several nice stops against the run.

Last year and year before, I was use to our middle LB reading and reacting to the play quicker.

Since this is his 4 year, that may be what has held Brown back.

I hope Owens is not hurt bad.

3rd down defense just needs to improve. If we make a stop and get off the field on 3rd down everything will be fine.


We need to force more turnovers.

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Owens needs to come back. He’s suppose to be our thumper.

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We need to force more turnovers.

Wonder if Trevon Stewart could come in as a “take away” consultant for the Coogs. Teach the skills that the Jack Boys of old use to have to the new Jack Boys.
Go Coogs! #1-0


Was that a TE or a WR in a simple crossing pattern?

remember when yall were saying the reason why we didnt blitz more last year was because he didnt have a secondary and personal to blitz? what will be the excuse this season?


Circle drills


After having observed Denofrio’s defensive strategy for 13 games, I see
Skladaney 2.0.

With the exception of being better against the run.


The wide open receivers for TD’s looked bad. I think that gets cleaned up this week.

We did try a safety blitz on one play, but it was a run play to the other side.

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They actually blitzed a lot on 3rd and long. the problem was they were delayed blitzes. I think that’s the dumbest call you can make, either drop 8 in coverage or Blitz quickly to make quarterback get rid of ball fast.


I think our DC’s idea of disguising a blitz is not having that guy show any intention of blitzing until after the snap. I hate it so much because if they aren’t near the line, it just takes too long for them to get back to the QB. If we want to bring a safety blitz, don’t have him 8 yards from the line! I would rather have the confusion that multiple guys look like they are coming and you don’t know who to expect.

Interesting note on Prairie View. I know very little about FCS football, and almost nothing about SWAC football, but they looked very good yesterday blowing out NC Central. Are they one of the better FCS teams? Maybe Rice will end up being a 4 or 5 win team (much better than I expected)


OR…at least fake some LBs or DBs blitzing on all downs to get the O-linemen thinking. Might free up Oliver from double teams.

Like you said, we use “delayed” blitzes and usually only on obvious passing downs.

Also, because we tend to play soft on wideouts on 3rd down plays, the QB has easier throws even if we do blitz.

What an imagination !!

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I don’t recall people saying we didn’t have the personnel to blitz, people said we didn’t have the DBs to pressure at the LoS. Against, Rice there was a lot more pressure at the line than last year. I don’t think anyone expected one particular DB to regress. Rice’s Cephus was eating his lunch, but he has 11 more games to recover.

Do you think they will possibly put Stuard in at lb when they play teams that run the spread? I know he would be under sized but damn that boy needs to be on the field more

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I said because our DBs didn’t cover as well…is the EXACT reason to blitz…otherwise most QBs can pick apart a weak secondary.

However, I think a lot of our DB issues are coaching related.

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That one tackle… dude was like a heat-seeking missile coming across the field. Love the way that kid plays!

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I see him more as a nickel back.

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