DCTF - Ed Oliver cover boy

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I wonder if they keep track of how many they sell by cover. I assume both covers have the same barcode. I’ll buy a copy though, everyone here who wants more coverage of the Coogs should as well. Spike demand.


ed isnt the real cover…a&m was given the real cover…how it sells will have little indication on us

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EO shares with UT/ATM/TCU on the great Phil Steele annual mag for Texas.
Sure to be one of several that we’ll see this month.


Yea, really great to see some player tucked in behind players for school with the school’s name showing prominently…who is it, Gary Ward?

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Tepper at DCTF has said that they do the covers to sell magazines. As great as Ed Oliver is, I’m sure they looked at Jimbo as the bigger seller across the state since the Aggie cult will eat up anything they’re given.

Inside cover is still an honor for us and Big Ed. Plus, I’d rather have the team thinking that they’re slighted to make them hungrier this season.

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Funny when you look at the covers side by side as Jimbo’s look on his face makes it look like he’s scared of Ed screaming at him.


I see the Bimbo hire as just another Aggie reach. Gaggie implosion in 4, 3, 2 …


The DCTF cover is fine. It’s the Phil Steele cover that’s just another joke/slap in the face. He either didn’t have Case on there his last year at UH or it was some type of small inset pic to marginalize him/UH as typical or didn’t have him on cover at all. Can’t remember which, just remember the “dis”. Ed’s gratuitous pic layout on Steele ’ s cover is a disgrace.


Jimbo’s look is more like … “How do I win more than 2 division games with these marooner’s”


I try not to let it bother me but I can’t help it. My team and players constantly being dissed. Jimbo Fisher, what a joke.


thats a nice way to accept being treated as a second class citizen… tcu, baylor, texas tech have all received solo front covers in recent years…it has been AGES since we did

they can give a&m /texas the majority of the covers, that fine, but we cant even get 1???

you can see it as a an honor (to get the inside cover, that they regularly give to high schools)…you are right in that they didnt have to
i see it as disrespect, they have to give it to a college team every year, the year that the by far biggest story in texas is in houston, they chose a&m to slight us for 40th year in a row… if it was just a&m and texas getting covers i might understand… but tcu, texas tech, baylor have all gotten covers (numerous times)…they have made it clear they value us a lot less than those teams aswell…

i cant support anyone who sees us a second class to those teams…inside cover or not. screw dctf…

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That’s fine…your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it, but it’s the way things are. I look at it as it’s still something that Houston can tout to high school recruits which is what the school is doing. That was where I was coming from.

I’m debating whether to buy the magazine myself because I’m not happy that Jimbo is on the cover just like I’m not happy that Herman was on it last year…and I didn’t purchase it. I’m leaning towards not purchasing it for the exact reasons you’re saying. As fans, we can do that.

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Ed’s comment on why he didn’t read last years preview was worth a 100 jimbo in a film room covers.


It’s insulting. They probably didn’t mean it to be but it is. They did the inside cover with Ed because they knew he deserved it but they went with Jimbo because they thought it would sell better. That’s insulting. I don’t think we should accept it or call it anything else.

Looking at them side to side…its even worse. It says Jimbo didn’t have to do anything at A&M but show up as he’s kicked back with feet up. Meanwhile Ed, an All-American at UH and the only underclassman to ever win Outland Trophy who even they admit is “best player in America”. “He’s the best” but Jimbo walks in and he’s the cover. It’s insulting. Be happy and stay in your corner UH. That’s what its saying.


I figure we could win a National championship and still be on the inside cover or some sad insert. Lost all respect for dctf a long time ago.

M’eh. I’ll probably still buy because of Ed.

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Yes more I think about it DCTF is quintessential intra-state oriented publication, and here they bypass a player who was both a great on the Texas HS level and plays for a state college.

Fisher OTOH has no previous ties to Texas according to his Wiki bio, and as you’ve laid out is gifted the cover.

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Hey guys I just browsed through all the new college football preview mags - Athlons, StreetSmiths, Lindys and needless to say the UH page(s) were insufficient at best. (As we know the P5 confs. get their own individual editions with huge write-ups).

So I usually only pick up Phil Steele because it dedicates a full two pages loaded with info on every team, but I also am wondering what DCTF looks like… specifically how many pages does it provide for UH, particularly a full roster listing (class, pos, HS)? I’d like to have this at my work desk to help familiarize with our complete roster.

I’m OOS but the DCTF website is offering the mag by mail at a really decent $20 price which includes some website extras… I know I probably won’t receive the EO cover but I would still like to pick it up if the UH team pages are fairly packed and at least close in depth to the UT/ATM/Tech pages.

I appreciate any insight from you good folks in state who’ve flipped through it on the shelf (or even past recent editions). Thanks in advance!

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DCTF does a pretty comprehensive write-up for all the Texas college teams. Problem will be that they won’t have all the recent transfers in the magazine.