DCTF Magazine Staff Says UH at UNT #2 Best Game In TX This Fall. 😳



25% of the “best games” listed will have UH in them. - Is there a prize for that? :thinking:


That’s the DCTF way of saying that they feel a CUSA conference team is our equal.

I want to blow those guys out in their house. I hope it’s not even a game. They talk a lot of noise up there.


They’re still mad they weren’t taken seriously by Aresco.

They were good last year and have a really good QB & WR returning. Remember they smoked SMU, who beat us. They also went to Arkansas and smoked the Razorbacks as well. I expect a very tough game at their house. They open with Abilene Christian, then play SMU, Cal, and UTSA before us.

I am confident we will win this game; but it will be a hard fought one.


No. In this case it is just because both our offenses are expected to be elite. Both QBs are thought to be some of the absolute best in the country.


I’m guessing that this will be a much tougher than usual matchup with UNT.

That said…the smart money is on the Coogs!!!

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Their defense was their weak suit last year, just like us. But, I don’t think they were able to upgrade as much as we did. We will see.

Before a hardy handful of you move
on beyond 9-28-2019 & the
Coogs’ EZ win at Apogee,
2018–SMU vs UH?
2018–SMU vs UNT?


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Who said that it was going to be an easy win? I said I HOPE we blow them out based on the trash talk y’all post about UH on your boards as if you’re our rivals or something. I anticipate a challenging game; especially since it will probably be a sellout and almost like a Super Bowl for y’all. You’re another good team in the state that has had some success. Hopefully you can keep your coach for the long haul.
P.S.- Congrats on beating SMU. We had applewhite as our coach.

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Is it unreasonable to think that a fan of a certain school who goes to the website of another school will certainly find trash talk about the fans school?


We need to lay the hammer down on these clowns and move on to the next game. Nothing to see here.

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Do UH fans talk down about UNT on this board? The majority of posts I see are complimentary of what they have going on over there. When I gazed at their board a couple months back during the holgerson hire, it was like blitzkreig against UH. I don’t post on other boards, just see what our future opponents have to say.

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I grew up a Coog fan from Brazoria County & then transferred from Alvin JUCO to UNT.
I rejoiced the day the SWC admitted UH & all but cried the day the SWC imploded & UH got ostracized by the Big 12.
UH has a squatter over on our main fan forum board who has regularly trashed UNT consistently for 5 plus years. I jest not—I do mean regularly.
Yet what happened to friendly athletic banter?
I don’t think anything I’ve posted is disparaging or mean spirited to UH at all.
I probably know more about UH athletic history than many of your younger alums, Hellsbells! I was at the Astrodome for the Elvin Hayes vs Lee Alcindor matchup before 50,000 fans. What a game & what a memory!
Hayes, Spain, Lee, Chaney, etc. I watched them play as a Freshmen team over at the Delmar Field-house.
:arrow_right: If anything, I’ve always wanted UNT to
emulate the success of UH athletics from the era of AD Harry Fouke/Bill Yeoman to present day. I think y’all were smart to build your stadium with its seating capacity & still trying to understand why we built ours the same size as 30 (+/-) other G5 school’s stadiums. Only 9,000 more seats (a double deck on the Student Side) would get Apogee to 40K with an upgrade of OOC opponents who’d many times fill it but like UH, we don’t draw well against schools we have no real history such as most of CUSA, Liberty U & the incarnate Words of the FBS.


I don’t know how UH football will fare this year. Lot’s of questions.

What I do know, is that we have a real coaching staff this year unlike the last 2 years.


USA Today G5 rankings.

“…I say we prove them all wrong and make them eat a giant sh** burger…”


What town in Brazoria County

Hopefully this game is sold out and yall are loud and at yalls best. I want to drive up there to be worth it. Always like when fans like yourself come and are respectful and show a healthy amount of competitive trash talk. Sorry about the squatter. 5 years is a long time lol