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Great job to hire Major Applewhite. With a record of 6-3 and the offense operating like a fine tuned Ferrari with D’Eriq King behind the wheel, I believe Applewhite’s value to the football program with result in major benefits this season and beyond. Thank you for hiring the Major.

On another matter, I offer you food for thought…

Our regular season is scheduled to end against Navy on Nov. 24. The last game on the UTSA schedule is Nov. 25. I realize the game has been canceled, and it was canceled due to Hurrican Harvey with the possibility of being postponed (rescheduled). It was completely understandable why the game was canceled because it was reasonable to think (at the time) UH might make it to the AAC championship game.

Well, we’re 6-3 with two to play. Memphis has a very good team with remaining games with SMU and ECU. For UH to make it to the AAC championship game, Memphis has to lose two games and we have to win out. I don’t think it is likely that Memphis will to lose the next two games even though I’m optimistic that we can win out.

So, I was wondering if we could reschedule UTSA for Nov.30 (Thursday), Dec. 1 (Friday) or Dec. 2 (Saturday). Clearly conference championship games will be scheduled, but I’m guessing most of them will be scheduled on Saturday.

According to the remaining FBS football schedule, there are six (6) regular season games on the card for Week 14. The most interesting of the six games is likely to be Arkansas State vs Troy. No games are scheduled among the P-5 or AAC for Week 14 (according to the Yahoo sports forum).

I’m guessing that a UH vs UTSA game would have the interest of the entire region if not the entire country, regardless if it were a Thursday night, Friday night or Saturday game. My question is this…Is it possible to reschedule the UTSA game? In my simplistic manner of thought, there is plenty of time to prepare and get ESPN or Fox on board.

If the players have to prepare for final exams, then I would certainly understand why it couldn’t be rescheduled, but I’m quite sure the players would be in favor of a reschedule if the circumstances were favorable. Then again, if we were leading in our division of the AAC, we would be playing in the AAC Championship game that week anyway.

If there aren’t contractual reasons the game can’t be rescheduled, then I would hope that we could find a way.

I’m quite sure I’m not alone in wanting to see UH make up the game. Again…food for thought.




When I read this thread title, I wondered if you were inviting someone to go deer hunting.




Apparently UTSA was offered that, but turned it down, this is their return game and want to have it at the beginning of the season

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Haha same here! :sweat_smile::deer::gun:

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How does this benefit the team?


If we were to play UTSA and win, then we would have an opportunity to finish the season 10-2 instead of 9-3. It’s easier to sign recruits with a program with double digits victories. Also, we would be righting a wrong. Harvey was an unexpected weather event and my guess is that we would have beaten them to start the season and would be 7-3 now instead of 6-3.


Wait, how would winning a game against UTSA erase one of our losses?


I stand corrected. Thank you.

If we were to play UTSA and win, and win the rest of the regular season, and win the bowl game, then we would finish 10-3.


Gotcha. Made me look at our schedule and record again, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


m’eh. :expressionless:

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I’m pretty sure Hunter would like to get it over this year if he could instead of scheduling it down the road when we already have several years of two road games. This is up to UTSA and not us though. Houston is a big draw game for them and it benefits them more to have the game at the start of the year than at the end of the season.


All the more reason for UTSA to step up, or not.

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Yep, decision was up to UTSA and they declined.

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Its a small thing with the game indoors but I would love to play this game late in 2017.
Pre and Post game drunkeness would be alot more enjoyable at end of season when its really nice out.

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I have no problem with your letter …except for the first paragraph.


utsa has almost no percent chance of happening

but ucf scheduled an fcs after it cancelled its game, getting a last minute fcs is very possible if we are really serious about it

if we are looking for reps for young players, to pad our stats of some of our star/draft entering players, put the prospect of a 10 win season back on the table

im all for this