Dear selection committee: Please use metrics responsibly

(Patrick) #1

Not directly Coogs related, but it will be interesting to see how the committee uses this info:

The NCAA selection committee’s placement of Gonzaga and Clemson – or lack thereof – in its top 16 reveal on Sunday will be significant to more than just fans of the Bulldogs and Tigers.

The committee’s opinion of those two will provide a clue about how new metrics such as Strength of Record, KenPom and BPI, which in January were added to the official team sheets provided to the committee, will be used.

(Randy Randel) #2

We are currently 33 in both KenPom and BPI. Team Rankings had us a projected 7th seed.


I’m curious as to what they will do with Cinci. Obviously a great team. But their best (RPI) win is against Buffalo. The one really really good team they play smoked em at ‘home’.