Defensive guy

No, he never coached here. Was at k state and atm before an unsuccessful stint as hc at smu. After that he was dc at Baylor

Well, at least someone is coming up with ideas.

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I like this guy: Blake Baker, DC at LA Tech

La Tech has been one of the leaders in turnover ratio since he’s been there and their defenses have been relatively solid when healthy. He’s from Clear Springs, went to school at Tulane, is a good recruiter, and was on UT’s staff when CMA was OC there. He only makes $140K a year and we could probably grab him.


No to Bennett. We would seriously be pushing it bringing in another Baylor coach. And that from a guy that is okay with Kendal and Clements.

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I would take any one at this point. No more deofrio!!!

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Fantastic thread, keep this going

Keep thinking guys. You’re already showing better skills at talent assessment than Applewhite.


Orlondo Steinauer

Currently assistant HC of the Hamilton Ti-Cats (CFL). In 2017, he was defensive coordinator at Fresno State. Gave up 4.86 yards per play, 320 ypg. With uptempo offense, yards/game is almost meaningless. Yards/play, however, tells you who is stopping someone.

Here’s an idea, even has contact info for after the season.

Maybe I draw the line at candidates with a Patreon page. Everyone else, including the vagrants across the street are candidates in my book.

Yep. Definitely someone to consider. And his Texas and Louisiana ties wouldn’t hurt. Obviously Gibbs is someone to keep in mind should Kingsbury get fired. Another guy I like is Vic Koenning, the DC at Troy and formerly head coach at Wyoming. Troy was #11 nationally in scoring defense last year and #21 the year before, plus he runs a multiple 3-4. Unless we see dramatic improvement the rest of the way (and I do understand that we aren’t loaded in the secondary and that losing Garrett Davis hurts), we need to bring in someone new.


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