Defensive success

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The fact that last year’s team managed to lose 5 games is still unbelievable to me. It says what a bad Ocoordinator Johnson was in my opinion. I notice that he’s back coaching QBs at FSU.

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According to CMA, Johnson wasn’t his 1st choice, Briles was, and Scelfo wasn’t one of his 1st two choices as OL coach.

Hoping CMA has learned to be prepared when it comes to his coaches. That’s what sunk Levine in the end and what may sink CMA if he stays loyal to underperforming coaches.

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I think that CMA is more cold-blooded than Levine and more clued to the realities of being a head coach. IMHO what sunk Levine was that he wasn’t prepared to be a head coach…evidence that he had to go on line to find his Ocoordinator. With a background in special teams, I just don’t think he’d networked enough to be prepared to take over a program.

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Gibbs, Gibbs, Orlando, Orlando, Denofrio…!!


Last year we dared every team we played to throw a 6-7 yard pass to the flat. That’s how Memphis came back, not withstanding the Kick 6 and some long pass plays, it was the 6-7 yarders that sustained their drives.

If CMD doesn’t tighten up on the corners (our DBs ought to be good enough now) I may have to get a punching bag to work out my frustration.

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That was in the second half when we complettely changed our defense after shutting out a prolific offensive team for the first half.

Tha is what needs to be answered !!

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I think part of the less aggressive strategy is because we didn’t have a lot of confidence in our secondary…I have a feeling that will change this year.

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Being less agressive against a passing team like Memphis is exactly how you get a secondary torn apart !!


I know. I prefer the approach that denies completions (aggressive) vs the “let’s not get burned” approach, which I don’t recall ever working, long term.

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i don’t buy that. he did the same thing at Miami.

Hopefully he changes things up this season and attack more like when todd Orlando was here. we have the pass rushers to do it.


Speaking of secondary I really like Isiah Johnson at CB…6-3 and fast. If he improves and can catch better, not drop picks, what do y’all think of his draft prospects?

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could definitely be drafted high if he has a great sr year. has the size and speed teams would love at cornerback.

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Pretty good according to some people who watch the draft closely. His size and athleticism supposedly have him pegged as a mid-round draft choice, and he obviously could move up if he has a good year. I think he has a better coach working with him this season, plus this will be his second year playing the position.

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We need to take advantage of Oliver, Carter, and Chambers abilities by helping them out with a mix of blitzes.

If we do not blitz aggressively, then we have wasted what appears to be good defensive line this year as well as getting out asses handed to us way too often.


The passive responses of our coaches started in the second half of the San Diego State
game. I hope that is over with and I agree with the comments already made.

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We have the DBs to cover, too!!!


I get it pray. But that doesn’t change what happened last year. I know we should have more wiggle room with our new offense. But the bend don’t break philosophy is bad for my blood pressure!